This time, you can trust the cloud Magic Quadrant


The latest is out. Usually, the release of a Magic Quadrant means I have to correct its findings when talking to my clients. Enterprises take these as gospel, managing by Magic Quadrant—and as a result picking their technology, often the wrong technology, for the wrong reasons.

This time, I have good news: This cloud Magic Quadrant is one you can trust.

In that chart, every provider in the upper right (the execution-plus-vision leadership quadrant)—Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google—is truly a provider that matters in the IaaS space.

In the lower right quadrant (visionaries with execution challenges) are IBM and Oracle. That largely makes sense: They have the ability to buy companies and spend money to become “me too” providers. I don’t view them as visionaries, as Garter does, but then again Gartner doesn’t credit them for that much vision in its placement on the chart. They’re also not niche players, which may be why they ended up near the edge of that bottom right quadrant. Alibaba is in that section of the Magic Quadrant as well, perhaps because of its impact in Asia.