Understanding Azure Arc


One of the was Azure Arc, a new management tool for hybrid cloud application infrastructures. , deploying policies and services to virtual machines and Kubernetes. It also includes containerized versions of Azure’s SQL Database and PostgreSQL Hyperscale to give your Kubernetes-based hybrid applications .

Azure Arc extends the Azure Resource Manager model down to servers and Kubernetes clusters. It’s designed to manage resources in a cloudlike manner wherever they are, treating Azure’s resource tooling as your control plane. That puts it at a much higher level than most management tools. For example, if you’re using it with virtual machines running on a Windows Server network, you’d manage the VMs with Hyper-V management tools, and the server configuration and applications running on them with Azure Arc.

Using Azure Arc with servers

“Wherever they are” is a key principle behind . With its application management focus, it is infrastructure agnostic. Those VMs it manages can be running in your data center, in a hosting facility, or as virtual servers in a managed, shared environment.