Users review API management tools


APIs have been around for a while. In the last decade, however, a new generation of standards-based APIs has transformed enterprise computing. Combining the Representational State Transfer (REST) approach with JSON and HTTP, APIs today make it possible to integrate virtually any two systems or applications using simple, open standards.

IT departments love APIs. Their loose coupling simplifies application integration, data center operations, and more. At the same time, APIs potentially expose infrastructure to risk. They are also inherently unmanageable in their native states. solve this problem, offering the IT department a way to control API access, monitor usage, and apply security policies.

What do real users think of the API management tools on the market today? The following reviews highlight the valuable features—as well as room for improvement—for CA API Management, Apigee, IBM API Connect, Mulesoft Anypoint API Manager, Microsoft Azure API Management, Tibco Mashery API Management, Oracle Apiary, Oracle API Management, Oracle API Platform Cloud Service, and OpenLegacy.

CA API Management

Valuable features