Amazon Web Services has announced that Oath, the former Yahoo, has selected AWS as its preferred public cloud provider. Sounds like another routine “win” announcement from a cloud vendor, doesn’t it? But this one is far from routine.

Just last year, InfoWorld’s editor in chief, Eric Knorr, wrote about . Not even a year later, Yahoo (now Oath) has switched gears and is moving to the public cloud instead.

Why changing its cloud course was a very smart decision for Oath

This reversal is smart. Other companies with their own private clouds have dug in their heels, and I suspect they will wait until the market makes a decision for them. At least Oath is being proactive after clearly seeing the writing on the wall around private clouds. (Ironically, Oath’s owner, Verizon, once had . It too correctly read the tea leaves and abandoned those plans.)

Proactive enterprises are shutting down their private clouds and migrating to the main public cloud providers: AWS, Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba.