The latest version of the , Kubernetes 1.16, brings improvements related to customization and extensibility, container storage management, the metrics registry, and Windows container support. In addition, the new release . 

What’s new in Kubernetes 1.16

Kubernetes 1.16, released in September 2019, contains the following new and revised features:

  • (CRDs), the long-recommended mechanism for extending Kubernetes functionality introduced in Kubernetes 1.7, are now officially a generally available feature. CRDs have already been widely used by third parties. With the move to GA, many optional-but-recommended behaviors are now required by default to keep the APIs stable.
  • Many changes have been made to how volumes are handled. Chief among them is moving the volume resizing API, found in the Container Storage Interface (CSI), to beta.
  • Kubeadm now has alpha support for joining Windows worker nodes to an existing cluster. The long-term goal here is to make Windows and Linux nodes both first-class citizens in a cluster, instead of having only a partial set of behaviors for Windows.
  • CSI plug-in support is now available in alpha for Windows nodes, so those systems can start using the same range of storage plug-ins as Linux nodes.
  • A new feature, , allows for greater scaling of clusters and more flexibility in handling network addresses. Endpoint Slices are now available as an alpha test feature.
  • The way metrics are handled continues a with Kubernetes 1.16. Some metrics are being renamed or deprecated to bring them more in line with Prometheus. The plan is to remove all deprecated metrics by Kubernetes 1.17.