Will your cloud smarts be rewarded?


Back on the topic of organizational impact around the implementation of cloud computing, I’ve had many questions about who’s going to be impacted. Better put, are IT organizations going to promote the better people to the top around the use of cloud computing? 

As I tell those who will listen, this is an opportunity for IT leaders to improve things.   However, I suspect that won’t occur. Here’s why.

As a pattern, I see executive leadership promote those in IT who have the least vision and the greatest political instincts. Case in point: those who have been advocating for cloud computing internally for years not getting promoted or even recognized. In some cases, it has even negatively impacted their career. 

Indeed, those in IT who have pushed back on cloud computing have generally held their position in the company’s IT department, or have even been promoted. In some cases, they have gotten credit for the movement to cloud, when they were actually an impediment.