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IMPORTANT! This section applies only to certain products and/or products in operation. See the relevant products and categories for details.

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This error can occur for a variety of reasons, including loss of interest in the Internet or unstable low Internet speeds, widescreen video apps not showing up, and mobile apps suddenly disappearing while browsing a web video service. Because every procedure has a possible solution,check the problem history after completing almost every procedure.

Reset Devices And Refresh Web Content

  • Reset modem/router power

    Internet connection problems may often be resolved by rebooting the hard drive.

    1. Unplug the power cord from your modem/router and wait about two months.
    2. Plug the power cord back into your modem/router and make sure it’s turned on.
    3. Wait, until the device connects to the Internet and then to your network.
  • Signal strength and interference application

    When using Wi-Fi®, the distance between your wireless router and your device is another factor to consider. To optimize your listening experience when streaming video or audio from an audio application, make sure you have a router installed on your device. The distance between them should be no more than 25 feet. If possible, install both devices in the same place, with no walls between them. Other wireless devices such as Bluetooth® speakers, wirelessPhones, microwave ovens, and devices that emit radio frequencies can also cause low signal levels.

    For more information and suggestions, see Ordering Procedures to Maximize Network and Internet Performance in Your Home.

  • Turn off the TV
    1. Turn off the TV.
    2. Unplug the power cord from the TV and wait approximately 60 seconds.
    3. Reconnect the power cord to the TV and turn on the TV. .
  • Updating Internet content (not for TV™ robot models)
    1. Press the HOME button on the supplied remote control.
    2. Select Settings.
      • The next steps will be slightly different depending on your overall model. To learn more, check your device information.

    3. Select Configuration or Network.
    4. Select Refresh Internet Content.

    Note. Some gadgets will take several attempts (up to 2-3 times) to fully update.

Additional Bug Fixes

Because both steps are solutionsThat is, you can view the problem status even after completing each step.

  1. Run a network diagnostic on the TV to determine the command and internet status:
    • Android TV
  2. If tv™
  3. When using a wireless connection, the connection between the TV and the router may be weak or unstable, it is recommended to reconnect to the network using the connection cable (network cable).
  4. Make sure the TV in question has the latest PC software installed.Downloads will be posted on your model page.
  5. If all other market efforts to fix the performance issue fail, the company will need to reset the TV to its original factory settings.

    Note: After performing a factory reset, the user and recommendation settings may be lost, you will need to re-enter all user settings related changes, and then reconnect the TV to the network.

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IMPORTANT! This article only applies to targeted products and/or operating systems. See Applicable products and categories for details.

This error can appear due to several reasons such as loss of internet signal, possibly slow unstable internet speed, lack of internet video software, and apps suddenly disappearing when watching a company’s internet video. Since each procedure is a viable solution, the status of the review usually becomes an issue after each procedure is completed.

Reset Devices And Refresh Web Content

Additional Bug Fixes

Because each step symbolizes a possible solution to be tested, the theme’s popularity rises when the step is almost complete.

  1. Run a network diagnostic on the TV to determine the network and general status:
    • Android TV™
    • LCD TV
  2. If you are using a wireless connection and the signal between the TV and the router is weak and unstable, it is recommended to use a wired connection (network cable) to connect to the network.
  3. < li>Make sure your TV is set to ​latest software version.The downloads are listed on your template page.

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