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  • compile error in hidden module when running a macro

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    If you press the “back” button next to the browser and immediately Don’t try again, the macro works correctly and no error message appears.

    Later I found that when I reopen it, it shows the same file again, repeating the process.

    Any ideas ?

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    A super-quick Google search for “hidden module compilation error” reveals many possibilities.
    It turns out that this message is usually followed by additional text, such as:
    “Compilation failed in hidden module: Initializing” or “Compilation failed in hidden module: AutoExec”, etc.

    < p > If you could give us the maximum number of error messages that would be helpful.

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    When memory is correct (it’s not always the case), I ran into an idea error with someone else’s padding. This first happens when the add-inIt is accepted because the procedure refers to something that is not on my server. As long as what I’m doing doesn’t actually perform a function, I won’t get stupid messages anymore.

    Why is the module hidden from users in your company? Did you protect each other? Thus, you can remove protection from it, and then the user, presumably, will be able to find the offending line of code. Or are you using a DLL, perhaps another code library that you don’t have access to?


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