• Hmm. You need to go here.

    Try to activate TIP. Reboot, not to mention check.

    How did you make sure you had no problems with the plan?

    Amendtry to specify an alias for each server running an auxiliary TCP/specific IP address, and configure the server that connects is that one. Perhaps this gadget can solve some strange name resolution problem.

    error 7391 sql server 2008

    Try the named pipes above. BOTH

    Do the machines have the same DTC configuration and were both restarted after the DTC? have any changes been made?

    Can anyone change anything at runtime for this direction?

    If something doesn’t work out, I just got out. I have similar issues (one of them actually just happened in the past) and I integrated them before this post worked. Know your frustrations! The biggest problem was that a reboot was required after every DTC configuration change.

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