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    Built-in Descaling Program

    The descaling program for ENA 3 and 5 can be started in two ways:

  • With existing tooltip:
  • The broadcasts show DE-SCALE/READY. Open the cover behind the rotary switch and press the maintenance alternative. TRAY EMPTY. Now follow the instructions on the screen.

  • Without displayed footer Fairy tales:
  • How long will a Jura last?

    Estimated average life is 10 years, but some of us still hear about customers using older machines.

    When the message “Press Done” appears on the screen, be sure to press and hold the service button until PURSE appears on the screen. Press the rotary switch to move to the program step. WASHING will appear on the screen. Now turn the Rotary Switch until DESCALING is displayed. Press rotary switch. TRAY EMPTY appears on the screen. Now follow the instructions on the screen.

    If DESCALING is displayed for a long time, the descaling process was started with too much vegetable juice or water was added before the water tank was empty.

  • Our advice: Restart the descaling program with 0.5 liters of process water. During the program, all water is sucked out of the inlet water tank. Do not add moisture until prompted to do so.
  • If DE-SCALE is displayed, it may be necessary to install a Filter claris cartridge, which means that the filter was indeed not activated in Enhancemen modet.

    How do I get my Jura coffee machine out of descaling mode?

    Go to the maintenance program button (menu button) and select “Descale”. This process will take some time, but once completed, make sure customers take out the water canister and rinse it thoroughly.

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