AVCHD is a recording composition used by some digital camcorders to record HD (high definition) video. It gives you the ability to record personal footage in HD directly onto genuine 3-inch (8cm) DVD media, Mem media.ory Stick Pro Duo™ or to the hard disk of your camcorder. AVCHD formatting uses data compression compression technology and therefore maintains HD video quality very effectively.

Here are the AVCHD format specifications:

< td colspan ="1" rowspan="1">Compatible with Blu-ray Disc® format
Compatible with multiple recording devices such as HDD, Stick® media
Compatible with xv.Color< /td>< /tr>
MPEG-4 colspan=”1″ AVC/H.264
Dolby Digital AC-3
1920×1080/60i, colspan=”1″ 50i (16:9)
1440×1080/60i, 50i (16:9)
2 colspan=”1″ ch/48 kHz
5.1 ch/48 kHz
MPEG-2 system (register .M2TS or .MTS extension manually)
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Is AVCHD the same as MP4?

The AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) format is suitable for creating AVCHD or Blu-ray Disc® recordings and viewing them on an HDTV. On the other hand, MP4s are much easier to move, copy, and upload to websites or play on portable devices.

AVCHD is a display format used by some online digital video cameras tohigh definition (HD) signal recording. It offers the option of outputting high-definition personal material directly to 3-inch (8 cm) DVD media, Memory Stick Pro Duo™ media, or the CD/DVD hard drive in your camcorder. The AVCHD format uses data encoding compression and is very effective in maintaining HD video quality.

< td colspan ="1" rowspan="1">Compatible with Blu-ray Disc® format
Compatible with various recording devices such as hard drives or Stick®
Compatible with xv.Color technology< /tr>
MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Dolby Digital AC-3
1920×1080/60i, colspan=”1″ 50i (16:9)
1440×1080/60i, 50i (16:9)
2 colspan=”1″ ch/48 kHz
5.1 ch/48 kHz
MPEG-2 system (music file extension .M2TS or .MTS)
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sony handicam codec

Usually, only 4K or Full HD beautiful images are a good place to start. Do you shoot high quality commercials?Whether it’s for commercials and dramas, news, sports, documentaries, commercials or corporate videos, we’ve chosen the right format for the professional content creator.

How to make Sony Handycam AVCHD videos compatible with windows and Mac?

If you want to make Sony Handycam AVCHD video compatible with Windows instead of Mac, an easy workaround is to convert Sony Handycam files. To that end, this article mainly shows you how to transcode Sony Handycam videos for editing, playback, sharing and downloading.

We at Sony have been listening to the real needs of broadcasters, filmmakers and post-production departments for decades. And with our family of high-performance recording formats and codecs, you get the optimal balance of image quality, artistic control, overall workflow flexibility, and storage efficiency.


sony handicam codec

XAVC sets impressive standards for image quality and versatility. For perfect news, music commercials, or maybe even 4K movies, it’s the key to lower bit rates and smaller documents without sacrificing important screen quality. So you can explore incredible creative possibilities. Workflow flexibility.


Discover powerful new manufacturing possibilities with X-OCN. Surprisingly, X-OCN provides true 16-bit precision along withmoderate bitrates, reducing the file size compared to conventional cameras, while maintaining unappetizing linear 16-bit scene encoding. You’ll be rewarded with remarkable sound reflection as well as longer recording times, faster transfers, and a more economical post-processing workflow.

S Protocol

The S-Log gamma curve has been designed to allow you to capture and transmit as much information as possible from the camera’s large format sensor. S-Log preserves the integrity of all your final images by preserving the wide color gamut and dynamic range of the first scene.


Which is better MP4 or AVCHD?

The AVCHD format provides the best video quality and is commonly used by camcorders.ers, especially Sony and Panasonic. MP4 files are smaller than AVCHD clips and can be processed on almost any device. Both models can use the H.264 video codec, but MP4 can also use similar codecs.

This is the natural choice when absolute image quality is more important than anything else. 16-bit RAW.linear retains all captured information for 4K/2K with 15x the tonal range of 12-bit RAW. It is supported by the f65 RAW workflow preferred by demanding filmmakers and software vendors.


Widely known broadcasters claim that the HDCAM SR codec is a simpleMPEG-4 studio profile, a standard file for high quality production, post-production and method sharing. It is recognized as an efficient lossless codec with superior landscape quality supported by the robust SR workflow.

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  • I can’t open a video or transition with Movie Maker. Is this a concept because I have a Sony Handycam? He said there was no “codec” at all. Where do I install the missing codec?

    Original title: Help with Movie Maker…

    I can’t open or replace videos with Movie Maker.

    Is it because I have a Sony Handycam?

    He said the shortage was due to a “codec”. Where can I install the missing codec?

    Very frustrating because I’ve used it before – maybe because I have SP3? But I don’t like uninstalling SP3… 🙁

    Help, please!


    Thanks for the info.

    MPEG files are inherently problematic in all versions of Movie Maker.
    It’s best to switch the files to . WMV
    format before import to MovieMaker.

    It just so happens that there are many converters on the world wide web… some free ones… some details.


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    How do I convert Sony Handycam to MP4?

    Click [Tools] > [Edit/Convert Video] > [Convert to MP4 and Save]. Drag the video file type displayed in the thumbnails to the right pane, then simply click [Next] to open the editing window. Set the image quality and destination folder for the converted video and click [Start]. The conversion process begins.

    Then, after a special download and installation of Format
    Factory…, users can open the program and select
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