You need to know that Spectorsoft was renamed Veriato in 2015. They decided to focus only on supplier solutions. They don’t sell anymorenone of the Spector Pro keyloggers and now sell products for large enterprises.

So, do you know what you can do if you are really a family or a small business? As you will see at the end of this article, pcTattletale could be the perfect alternative for you.

Spector Pro Features

What is Spector keylogger?

threatening behavior MonitoringTool:Win32/Spector – erthat application that logs keystrokes, emails, websites visited, instant chats, program launches, peer-to-peer actions, and can also take screenshots of that user’s desktop. It may try to warn the user if they press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S.

spector spyware program

Spector Pro (Spector Software Professional) is a general computer monitoring program. It usually logs the following activities on almost any Windows PC (or MAC):

  • Chat transcripts
  • Emails sent/received
  • Websites visited
  • Works visible or invisible (invisible)
  • Records keystrokes
  • Limited website blocking
  • Here are some shots of the filter showing what the Spector Pro looked like. You can see that there are completely different options and ways to view posts:

    spector spyware program

    The screen below shows how Spector Pro was able to capture emails for you to read. You can easily use neighbor messages. :

    Most people are motivated by Spector Pro’s keylogger feature. You want them to get passwords for online sites like Facebook, email accounts, and more. Spector Pro has taken on a big responsibility. You can learn more in my article How to become a criminal on another computer. The only downside is that it is not a remote keylogger. They also developed other plans such as Spectosoft Eblaster which purchased these features. This means you need to go back to your laptop to take a look what was written.

    More functions available

    Help And Help

    Website email form
    Download Free Trial
    Phone support
    Live chat
    Free update period – 12 months
    Licenses included: 1

    Action Tracking

    Only admnistrator owned posts can execute the [includeme] shortcode. This message is shown only to administrators.

    Websites visited
    Internet search
    Usernames and passwords
    Keystroke logging
    Registering screenshots
    Applications running
    Hidden operation
    Social media monitoring
    Document Tracking
    Scheduled monitoring
    Scheduled Screenshots
    Sent and received emails
    Email Attachments


    Local reports
    Embedded Reports
    Video style playback
    Searchable reports
    Registering keywords

    Locks And Controls

    Hotkey access/password protection
    Remote Access
    Website blocking
    Mobile Access
    Scheduled Internet Blocking
    App Lock
    Scheduled access if you need computers
    Keyword blocking

    Operating Systems

    Microsoft Windows 8
    Microsoft Windows 7
    Microsoft Windows Vista
    Microsoft Windows XP
    Mac operating system

    NOTE. Windows 10 is not supported by Spector PRO. If you really want to know what is the best keylogger for Windows 10, you can follow the previous link to understand how it differs from small and medium Windows. Along the way, something has changed.

    Here’s a nice video of a client using the Spector Pro tools so you can see how it works:

    The Best Alternative To Spector Pro Is PcTattletale

    So what is best for a remote keylogger? PcTattletale is truly the best alternative to Spector Professional for many reasons. What you need to know is that pcTattletale does exactly what the Spector Pro does, and pretty much. Let’s see how much they share the same goals.

    PcTattletale YouTube makes videos of everything they do on their computer. Can you watch kids grow up on sites like this Like Facebook?

    Notice the fullscreen mode above, as most people can see whatever they’re trying to do. We also capture keystrokes as shown directly in the images. If they enter most of the Facebook password, you will see it.

    There is a pop-up image directly below the video. This shows you how alive they are on the computer. This is great for watching things like a lot of computer activity late at night on a school night!

    pcTattletale uses the YouTube Like video player to view your entries. The image below shows how Video Guitarist works:

    1021w”%2c244″/p >< p>Control pcTattletale video participants

    What is Spector Pro?

    Spector 360 is a comprehensive user process monitoring solution that allows organizations to record, maintain, view, and report on employee activity. Spector 360 creates an accurate record of an employee’s behavior with a camera, giving organizations the ability to see the context of the user’s actions.

    PcTattletale was originally developed as a remote spying application and keylogger. This means that once you have installed pcTattletale on your computer, you no longer need to contact support to find out what has been done. Instead, just go to my pcTattletale website and see what these people have been up to.

    "PCTattletale is a Spector remote keylogger and spy app, unlike Pro.You don't need to be in front of your computer to see activity"

    Spector Pro displays visited resources and chat conversations. But what if there is another chat client like SnapChat? The Spector Pro simply cannot record such new providers. But with the pcTattletale scope, you can still see everything. Why? Because we capture everything they see on their screen (even in private search mode).

    PcTattletale Free Trial

    How much does PC Tattletale cost?

    Control up to 3 devices more efficiently $99 for one year. Is PCTattletale safe? pcTattletale has been designed to be extremely useful to thousands of spouses, family members and explorers like you for over 15 years. Recorded data is usually stored in a secure internet cloud.

    Another big difference between Spector Pro and pcTattletale is that I personally give you permission to try it first. This proves to you that it really works again and you can install it without any problems Go to your computer. Here’s how to get started with your free trial:

    1. Create a free pcTattletale account here
    2. Download a specific Windows application
    3. Check out everything they do outside of pcTattletale.A com

    Create A Free PcTattletale Account

    Just visit the completely free pcTattletale download page. Enter your email address and create a password. It is needed to install software and monitor its actions.

    Then just download one of our Windows apps. You can choose from all menus in pcTattletale or use this link recently:

    Only admnistrator owned posts can execute the [includeme] shortcode. This message is shown only to administrators.