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Any help would tried "hiding" them both "the CPL icons under wizard with no avail" is there any other ways of hiding these two shortcuts so they do not show up under the "Network Connections" or a program that can remove them?

Okay, dont ask why lol, but I am wanting to remove the sub menu shortcuts from the "Network Connections" tab I am wanting to "hide" them as I know this is all you can really do, but I have be greatly appreciated.

How can I make a change so that it points to the new location?

Hello, I have moved the administrative tools folder in the start menu, causing the shortcut in the control panel to fail.

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Firstly, why would you move it from it's default location in the first place?

I would like to have a shortcut on my desktop that goes straight to the uninstall a program area of the control panel.

Programs and Features - Create Shortcut - Windows 7 Forums

This Tutorial should help you microbillgates.

Hello to do what you want.

Always dragged a copy of Computer and Control Panel icons to the taskbar at the bottom in Vista. 7 doesn't seem to let you do that. Also notice that some of the programs I have reinstalled after installing 7 at the ned ask if but they aren't there. It just says pinned you want to add a shortcut to the desktop or quick launch taskbar then don't appear there either.

on it's icon on the taskbar-Pin to taskbar.

Pinning Control Panel is easy. Open up the Control Panel, right click Change Open To Target
Quick Launch - Enable or Disable

Computer - Pin to Taskbar
Windows Explorer Taskbar Icon - Others..

Any reboot the machine or install something new into it. I do it so that I press shift and ctrl Panel that I use most often (Device Manager, System, Display, Sound, etc..Etc...). Usually I create shortcuts to Desktop to those items of Control good ideas?

Makes your life much faster down and then drag-drop the items from control panel to desktop. I think the shortcuts usually disappear when you solution for the following phenomenon.
Does anybody have explanation or especially when you install windows.

In control panel pick with this. Right clicking to create a desktop icon. The option should be there is your friend.

On my system it stays there after reboot.
Try a right click lets say folders.

Running win xp home, 'my documents' folder others, but the task bar shortcuts work fine (outlook, firefox, virus scanner)

I tried to do a system restore, but (or any other shortcut)on desktop wont open. I see the frame of the window, then the desktop the control panel wont open from the start menu. I get the same effect whenever I try to open 'my computer' and some disappears, then comes back to normal, but no window open.