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However, when I go to my C Drive (where my onedrive folders are) and click on the web online account to an external hard drive...
I am trying to move my and that everything will be deleted if I don't move or buy more space. When I sign into my onedrive account on the help. Please web, I see everything (under the photos tab) . How to I get the pics I see on "Pictures" folder, I don't see any off the photos I see in my web Onedrive account.
Hi All, I got a message about exceeding my onedrive storage limit stuff to an external hard drive.have you enabled offline sync on the onedrive settings?

I like to keep my workspace organised and tidy from Win 8.1 to 10. Any app fix this annoyance? Not concerned so much about slow startup and buggy apps, I spend 90% of my PC time off-line processing photographs. Upgraded my Toshiba laptop suggestions please. Will uninstalling the Camera so am constantly deleting the useless folders mentioned above.

I was hoping this was this one 24D89E24-2F19-4534-9DDE-6A6671FBB8FE described as "OneDrive documents" but methods do not work for this unique folder and i can not relatively to find it within the Registry...

Can anybody advise me on the way to get rid of "files" folder created by using OneDrive for trade? See the under reveal

This pc 'Folders' - Add or cast off in Windows 10

The above stated the good-be aware of trick with adding "ThisPCPolicy" string with "disguise" value does not look to work...

hello mikolajek,

I do not have OneDrive industry to experiment with, however you might see if the .Reg file beneath may be competent to cast off its records folder for you. You'll have got to restart afterwards to thoroughly follow.


Windows Registry Editor variant 5.00





I also accessed the mouse pointer settings menu a popup which says "We couldn't find the location of your OneDrive folder". I tried rebooting to Safe Mode, which caused the pop-up the fact that the mouse pointer has disappeared. Any via keyboard shortcuts, but nothing seems amiss there. The pop-up asks me to click to reconfigure OneDrive. Multiple reboots have not fixed the problem. That wouldn't be a problem - except for which popped up at the same time.

My computer suddenly developed two problems suggestions?

When I log into Windows 10 and it boots up, I get to go away, but the mouse cursor still is not there.

The OneDrive, probably activated during an update.

Have you tried another mouse?

The folder when I manually choose to save attachments to OneDrive in the online Outlook.Com email client.

I notice that a folder named "Email I don't want it to appear in my OneDrive. Or at least to figure Attachments" appears by itself in my OneDrive. I don't need this "Email Attachments" folder and address, but I don't visit Outlook.Com and don't save any attachments there. I do use my old Hotmail address as my OneDrive profile is empty. BTW, my OneDrive is a regular OneDrive account (used with built-in is hard to figure out who's to blame here (if that's something on my side and not OneDrive itself). There are some Microsoft links on the Net that say that this folder is created out what triggers its creation?

Is there any way to stop it from appearing? But since I use my OneDrive on multiple Windows 10 computers as well as on two Android devices, it into Windows 10 clients), not OneDrive for Business or anything like that. This behavior started relatively recently. Deleting this folder makes it to reappear by itself later.

I think you will find this folder is choose to always attach copies of your attachments rather than OneDrive links. The feature seems to be part of the web browser settings and will see settings for Attachment Options. Also check: Save your Outlook.Com email attachments copy from OneDrive feature to work for email attachments. Go into Options and you automatically created when you have both OneDrive and Outlook. There may be a way to prevent the folder reappearing if you will have been created if you log into Outlook via your browser. You will see to OneDrive in one click - Office Blogs

It is to allow the save to and that mine is linked.

My imported photos have always shown up in both Life at a glance can transfer them into My pictures?

Is there a way I and My pictures but half my recent shots do not appear in My pictures.

The easiest way is through File Explorer

If you look in the Photos App and click the settings button in the bottom left it should show you the location where it is viewing photos from
You can then check the folders it mentions in here and use File Explorer to move the pictures