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Thank you.
Wondering if it's even possible.
Any thoughts? Looking at i3-7350K as an improvement on what I have, but it would seem dependent upon compatibility with motherboard.You can use an i3-4160 (or other i3-4xxx, i5-4xxx, etc.).
The CPU is upgradeable, but not to that one - you're limited to the fourth-generation Core CPUs (the 7350 is seventh-generation).

Hi everyone,

I have been thinking about upgrading my Inspiron 3647 Small Desktop's RAM and graphics card The computer has 2 DIMM slots so I wouldn't 4 GB pre-installed. Thanks in advance. 
for a while now and I would like to ask if it can handle 16 GB of RAM (8GBx2) and for any suggestions for an upgrade from a GT 625 that would fit within its case. It already has think that 16gb of ram should be a problem.

It supports 16 gigs. Http:www.Crucial.Comusaencompatible-upgrade-forDellinspiron-3647

adequate, so, i've an Inspiron 3647 small computing device - these are alleged to be recognized for extraordinarily low vigour consumption relative to their capacity. Has anybody used a GT730 (or a extra vigour-hungry video to realize that there's a tendency to over-state what's needed, for a nontoxic margin of error. The more than a few sites I've obvious it on, though, advocate a 300W vigour supply.  nonetheless, I'm given card) on this process?  Can it's accomplished obstacle free? Right here's the crisis: at the second, i have a Radeon 6450 in it, which that I bought a number of months ago. 
Of course, it's obtained that wacky shaped power give, which I believe is rated at 220W.  The CPU is a Pentium G3220. I used to be pondering of upgrading to a low-profile version of the Nvidia GeForce GT 730 doesn't stress the power give at all, and it handles gaming at 720p moderately good. Moreover, I got here throughout this link which stated that you can improve to a GTX 750 on this pc - which i might have assumed would take more vigour than the GT 730.Http:compreviews.About.ComodbudgetdeskflDell-Inspiron-3000-3647-Small.HtmThus, my question.  Can it's finished SAFELY?  supply that it's a Pentium CPU alternatively than an i3, am I within the margin of safety with this card?

Recently I established on this a EVGA Geforce GT 730 So... Energy deliver can manage this for sure.
On pci-e x16 and a Asus Xonar Soundcard on pci-e x1. Now not satisfied I actually have a SSD 120GB + stock HD 1TB and a pair of reminiscence modules.
I have a Inpiron 3647 small laptop and that i used to be afraid about that too.

Its there any repair guide or the inspiron is not Convertible ? Thx
However , there is no any signal coming out , i reinstall again and checked if any careless mistake , i also test every parts and they run prefect indepently.
I decide to upgrade my ITX inspiron  to  matx case and atx power supply .

I'am a newbie and I have a question.Can anyone tell me how to remove the fan shroud on the inspiron 3647?

Page 15 of the serviceowner manual. Www.Dell.Com...Manuals

Now I do not know if I stopped the Anniversary Windows 10.
To Windows 10, I upgraded to that. I only get audio from headphones or a speaker I have to plug in. But I have not had sound getting audio between 8.1 or and the old 10. Then when the made everyone upgrade coming from my computer since 2015. Now I have Any suggestions, thx in advance
Hi everyone,
I have a Dell Inspiron 3647 that came with Windows 8.1 (i think).

The tower itself doesn't have any built in speakers as far as I know, thus you have to have headphones or speakers plugged into the audio out ports.