IDG Contributor Network: The dangers of the public internet


The Internet is under attack.

It has been for many years, ever since “hacker” and “malware” first crept into our vocabulary. But, the internet has grown exponentially since those days. It was never meant to handle the level of data it traffics today, a level that .

The internet was originally built just to share files between users. The fact that it has grown into the massive web of data and endpoints we enjoy now — one where smartphones, tablets and smart TVs will account for of Internet traffic by 2019 — is an enormous convenience to how we work, communicate and live.

But, that evolution has been enormously convenient to cyberattackers as well, whose methods for breaching, infecting and stealing data and bringing down networks has now turned the internet and its billions of users into a digital dartboard, constantly under assault.

. Even just the threat of a DDoS attack can wreak havoc.

You don’t even need to be an intended target of these attackers to feel their impact. When a DDoS attack travels down the same line that your traffic is going, it still disrupts or shuts down your service all the same. Your traffic is moving along the same line as the target, and becomes collateral damage.

Internet apathy

The common thread through these CIA attacks is the public internet. As long as enterprises and end users are using the public internet for transmitting and storing data, they will always be putting themselves at risk.