Vera for Microsoft protects Office 365 files everywhere


With users always connected and using multiple devices, data can be in several places at the same time. For IT and security administrators tasked with securing, tracking, and monitoring that data, startup firm Vera offers policy and access control enforcement, no matter where data is stored or who it’s shared with.

Today’s IT administrators face a problem: They can restrict who has access to their data stored on servers they control, but they’re or devices they don’t manage. Vera addresses this by applying security rules to a wrapper around the file, so the rules go wherever the files go.

Vera’s latest offering, Vera for Microsoft, extends this data security approach for Office 365 documents stored locally, on remote SharePoint servers, and in OneDrive for Business cloud storage. IT and security administrators apply specific security rules, such as who can open documents and what they can do with them, on specific folders, and any Office 365 document placed in that folder automatically inherits those policies and permissions. The new integrations will be generally available in the beginning of 2017.

Microsoft has its own tools for folder-level security, but those protections disappear the second the file leaves the platform. The Microsoft Azure Information Protection Suite is limited as it only protects static, PDF-based versions of these documents, while Vera supports any file type.