Microsoft wants a go-to Chromebook competitor, and it may be getting one in upcoming Windows 10 PCs with ARM chips.

Those Windows 10 laptops and tablets could look something like Samsung’s latest Chromebook Pro and Plus announced at CES. The attractive 2-in-1s have 12.3-inch screens and are targeted at those who do most of their computing online.

In a way, Samsung’s new Chromebooks share some features with new Windows PCs announced at CES. They have cool features like 2,400 x 1,600 pixel touchscreens and USB-C ports, which are also in the latest Windows 2-in-1s with Intel’s Kaby Lake chips.

While Google plots a Chromebook attack on Windows 10, Microsoft could be using Chromebooks as a blueprint for its “cellular PCs,” or thin and light laptops that are always connected to the Internet.