Microsoft pulls botched Office 2010 non-security patch KB 3128031


It looks like we have another bad non-security patch.

As best I can tell, the patch — for Office 2010 — is still available on the Microsoft Catalog, but direct links on the KB page return a “This site can’t be reached” or a 404 “Sorry, this download is no longer available” page.

A few hours ago, an anonymous poster on the AskWoody Lounge :

One of my Excel 2010 workbooks failed to run Workbook_Open code after installing this months Office 2010 updates. After uninstalling and reinstalling individually, I traced the problem to:

Update for Microsoft Office 2010 KB3128031

Strangely, while that workbook failed, a new test workbook with a simple message called from Workbook_Open did run. Copying all sheets and code to a new workbook did not fix the problem.

Microsoft now seems to have pulled the update but my Windows 7 update still offered it tonight.

A quick scan of the usual Office support forums doesn’t turn up any additional information.

of the problem leaves much to be desired:

Improvements and fixes

Improves the robustness to make sure that the stability of Office 2010 applications in certain scenarios.

Now, it seems, the robustness has been found to be lacking. Clicking on either of the direct download links in the KB article results in dead web pages.

On the other hand, the — one for 64-bit, the other for 32-bit — are still active.

More details as they’re available on the .