Microsoft rolls out Build 15063.11, the latest stage in Windows 10 Creators Update


As of a few minutes ago, Microsoft has released KB 4106250 to Windows Insider subscribers in the Fast, Slow, and Preview rings.

Yes, it’s a cumulative update for a version of Windows 10 that hasn’t been released as yet — and it’s perfectly normal. It downloads in the blink of an eye and installs almost as fast. There are that’ll interest you.

As I mentioned , that’s part of the normal rollout routine that we’ve witnessed three times to date, for versions 1507, 1511, and 1607.

While the Windows lemmings rush to install the latest, developers at Microsoft still have their heads down, building a big first-time patch — or series of patches — for Creators Update. When version 1703 hits, it will likely incorporate build 15063 and some aggregation of patches.

Recapping the countdown:

will be on April 11. Win10 Mobile version 1703 will arrive two weeks later on April 25.

  • If you’re willing to sign up for the Windows Insider program, you can . You don’t need to set your machine up for beta tests.
  • Yesterday, Creators Update to the Windows Insider Preview Ring.
  • Starting April 5, if you’re suitably inclined, you can self-inflict, er, install Creators Update using the new “for a seamless experience.” (When I see the term “seamless,” I always wonder what it means.)
  • I expect we’ll see the ISO installation files on the MSDN site (for paying customers) shortly.

    Don’t be too surprised to see another cumulative update for 1703 before April 11. Or two.

    In the interim, be sure you tell your friends that if they’ve been flirting with the idea of running Windows 10, now’s to make the switch. And for heaven’s sake, don’t install Creators Update unless you’re willing to endure months of bug fixes.

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