Microsoft hasn’t updated its  yet, but if you were bitten by the VMM bug in KB 3206632, this month’s cumulative update for Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you can now download and install the fix.

Microsoft says the newly released cumulative update for Windows 10 Version 1607, , “fixes an issue that was introduced in the December 13, 2016 release (KB 3206632) in which the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) installation takes more time than expected, and the installation may fail on the initial attempt.”

KB 3213522 is an odd bird. The cumulative update advances the for Win10 version 1607 from 14393.576 to 14393.577. But it doesn’t appear to have been sent out through normal Automatic Update channels. Instead, users must download it from the Microsoft Update Catalog and install it manually.

We saw a similar patch on Aug. 19, although it didn’t advance the build number. , which  I  at the time, was only available by manual download and remains undocumented on the official Win10 update history site.

 and they weren’t pushed out via Automatic Update (so far, anyway). In many ways, they resemble old-fashioned hotfixes—although they’re cumulative.

Perhaps Microsoft has found a way to distribute hotfixes without calling them “Hotfixes” much as it’s found a way to distribute service packs (uh, version changes) without calling them “Service Packs.”

Everything old is new again.

Happy holidays, everybody. Be sure to patch safely.