Opt out of Insider to avoid Windows 10 beta build 16170


If you’re in the Windows Insider Program, you’re currently on build 15063 (likely 15063.14), and you want to stay with the Creators Update, you need to take your machine out of the Insider Program. If you don’t manually remove your PC from the Insider Program, the next time you go into Windows Update, you’ll likely be upgraded to 16170 — and the beta test cycle continues.

If you’re in the Insider program and you want to stop at the Windows 10 Creators Update for a while, click Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Insider Program then at the top click “Stop Insider Preview builds.”

You’ll get a dialog (see the screenshot below) with several inscrutable choices. The one you want is at the bottom, “Keep giving me builds until the next Windows release.” That’s Microsoft speak for “Stop the world I want to get off at Creators Update.”


Windows Redstone 3 has a lot of catching up to do. I’m currently expecting:


  • OneDrive smart files, er, , which have been AWOL for years.
  • MyPeople, the “people bar” on the taskbar that will, apparently, serve as a single locus for all things related to specific individuals. Originally planned for the Creators Update, Zac Bowden at Windows Central as officially cutting it from the feature list back in January.
  • Whatever goodies may await, rest assured that the next round of updates for Redstone 3 won’t look like much. As Insider spokesperson , “right now, we’re focused on making some refinements to OneCore and doing some code refactoring and other engineering work that is necessary to make sure OneCore is optimally structured for teams to start checking in code.”

    No need to sacrifice a machine yet. We’ll keep you posted on any worthwhile developments.

    I’m going to bet right here that Redstone 3 ends up being Win10 version 1710.

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