Windows Subsystem for Linux welcomes Suse and Fedora options


Fans of love that it provides a native Linux experience, command line and all, to Windows users. But not all have been fans of the choice of Linux distribution—Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux—and thus have launched projects to swap out Ubuntu.

is one such project, and the Python-based , which provides automated access to no fewer than 10 Linux distribution userlands, is a more sophisticated approach.

Now Microsoft has decided to provide an official distribution swapper in WSL, per . The plan is to keep Ubuntu as a supported distribution, but add Suse Linux and Red Hat’s Fedora as supported options.

Microsoft will use the Windows Store as the distribution mechanism for the different distros. But most WSL users would likely have been happy with a command-line tool, which they may yet ask for as a means to automate the process of setting up or switching distros.