8 ways Samsung still manages to annoy us with the Galaxy S8


The might very well be the best phone, nay the best handheld gadget ever made. From the stunning infinity screen to the sleek curves and brilliantly compact design, Samsung’s latest flagship is truly in a class by itself and will no doubt spawn a slew of imitators.

But it’s still a Samsung phone, so that means there are things that constantly bug us. And we’re not talking about Bixby’s failed launch. We’re not even talking about the fact that it’s still running Android 7.0. No, these are the things that start out small and eventually grow to be constant irritations after we deal with them time and time again. Don’t get us wrong, we still love the Galaxy S8, and no phone is without its irritations. But we already have a list of annoyances we hope are addressed in the Galaxy S9.

1. The screen keeps lighting up

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have fantastic batteries, so more often than not, we don’t need to plug them in until right before we go to bed, usually in a dark room. And just like previous Samsung phones, it gets a little overzealous when its plugged in. 


When the Galaxy S8 is fully charged, the screen lights up to let us know. We really wish it would stop doing that.

We can’t quite figure out why, but Samsung phones have a weird habit of turning the screen on to celebrate when the battery is fully charged. And there’s no setting or toggle that will change it. It’s annoying enough that the screen needs to turn on when we plug the phone in, but does it really need to light up the room when it’s all done, too?