Experts warn businesses not to over-buy on unlimited data plans


Unlimited data plans, , are mostly irrelevant to large businesses that negotiate lower prices with carriers for large pools of data, voice and text for hundreds of workers.

But smaller businesses—say, those with fewer than 50 workers—could benefit from an unlimited plan, especially if they don’t have an assigned telecom manager who manages wireless contracts.

“Smaller organizations that don’t have the staff or capacity to manage their mobility budgets could benefit” from an unlimited plan, said Michael Nziolek, vice president of strategic consulting at Tangoe, a telecom expense management consultancy.

But there’s a caveat: Unlimited plans can lead a company to overspend, he said. Buying an unlimited plan for a higher price might be unnecessary compared to a lower price, for example, 4GB of data per month per employee—especially when 4GB is all a particular employee really needs.

, a single customer pays $80 a month for unlimited data, talk and text, HD video streaming and mobile hotspot. That price goes down in steps to $45 per month for four lines.