Super Mario Run comes to Android on March 23

Super Mario Run was a big hit for Nintendo on iOS devices, and now it will finally become available for Android users on March 23. You can today on the Google Play store.

Eddie Makuch reports for GameSpot:

Super Mario Run will launch for Android platforms on March 23, .

Back in January, Nintendo confirmed that Super Mario Run would arrive for Android in March, but this is the first we’re hearing of a specific date. The game arrives with the Version 2.0.0 update, though no other details about what the update will contain were shared (via DualShockers).

Super Mario Run was originally released for iOS devices exclusively back in December 2016. It was a huge hit, racking up 78 million downloads by Nintendo’s latest count.

The game’s free download comes with a sampling of levels, but you need to pay $10 to unlock every course.

GameSpot readers pulled no punches in sharing their thoughts about Super Mario Run for Android:

PStrife: “Those lucky Android people also get to be ripped off now.”

Pork7: “ The real story here was that this is Nintendo getting its feet wet in the 3rd party market. Had the Switch failed, this was gonna be their life raft. As is stands, the Switch should at least be a niche success.

Nintendo would probably make more money as a 3rd party game maker, but I’m glad they decided to stay in the console business. The PS4 and xb0ne are just stripped down PCs.”

Darksouls: “I dont think anyone cares at this point. This game is far past it’s expiration date.”

Iandizion713: “Finally, Android gets in on the fun.”

Your_Real_Dad_: “Android, always late to the party why? Because its an inferior less popular platform. Truthhurts.”

Juggernaut2269: “Nintendo released first on the iOS first, because they knew that the game would be nearly impossible to pirate on it. Nintendo knew that on the apple its everything you download you have to pay, so it’s a perfect time to get money, while having the time to research to make the game hard to pirate on the android.”

Here’s a look at Super Mario Run’s gameplay from Nintendo:

3.24 is due to arrive on March 22, and it comes with some interesting new features that users might quickly learn to love.

Joey Sneddon reports for OMG Ubuntu:

The 33rd stable release of this free and open-source desktop environment, GNOME 3.24 touts the usual iterative improvements, fixes and polish.

But it also adds plenty of shiny new stuff.

We were keen to learn more so we spun up the Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 Beta to poke, prod and peruse it for your pleasure.

1. Night Light

2. Awesome new apps

3. A more wonderful web

4. Weather info in notifications area

5. Better icons

6. Dual graphics card support

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