Ever had to deal with an IT team member who didn’t pull their weight? Here’s my experience.

We had an open position in the . A junior co-worker knew of a person he’d worked with in the past. A phone interview was conducted, and we invited the candidate in for a face-to-face meeting. 

He did OK in the interview process, having some experience in routers and firewalls, and was hired as a network engineer, level 1. I was selected to train him on the processes we used, documentation standards, and backing up the systems. He took notes, asked questions, and seemed to be getting with the program.

The problems begin

However, barely a month later our team started comparing notes. We discovered we had all helped him deploy a firewall at different locations. When the migration failed on the first firewall he deployed by himself, we discovered that he still hadn’t figured out how to do the task that .

as he did avoiding work, or did one job at a time.