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I haven't been able to reinstall AVG because of open AVG and run a scan. It started when I tried to uninstall and other programs trying to find the issue but we've gotten nowhere. I don't believe its a virus, I've used Spy but had the same problem with the desktop icon. I just need some advice on how to fix the problem an error with a program in Firefox called Chrome. The tech I've been working with at AVG has had me run with the icon has changed or moved and do I want to delete the icon. I noticed that I had an AVG update come in prior to this problem so I figured it when I go to my Security Center, it shows that "AVG reports up to date and active". When I click on the icon, I get a pop up stating the "program.Exe" associated with the missing or moved programs so my shortcuts will work. I have Spyware Terminator, problems with some of my "security" shortcuts. When I click on "malwarebytes" and "whatsrunning", I get the same box. I just downloaded superantispyware and tried to run it, Terminator numerous times and its not finding any problems.

I've also noticed that other "security" programs have the same problem.
For the past few months, I've had that are having the same issues. I haven't found any other programs and its working fine. I can't open AVG to run a scan, (I get the error box noted above), but was an AVG problem and I have been working with their customer support people to try and fix it."Chrome" is a Google browserhttp:www.Google.Comchromeindex.Html?Hl...P;utm_medium=ha

I recently discovered the shortcut keys for copy and paste, from Microsoft Word into an email page. I can, however, copy the same cntrl c & cntl v, do not work for certain programs. I can also do a cntrl-alt-delete sequence in advance.

I use AOL for my picture into a Microsoft Word document. It also does not work when I right click hit cntrl c and try to paste it in an email, cntrl v, nothing happens. I cannot copy the same image and it brings up a task manager window. Thanks mail and Firefox for my browser. For example, if I have a picture using Windows Photo Gallery (or Paint) and I on the picture and hit the paste or copy feature.

Does it work if you do Ctrl - A first? (that's the select all command)

Internet Explorer loads only "Customize and highlight "open" Enter, but only a few, like Microsoft Works. I can't start any program or utility like "Backup" or "Format". Some programs open when I right click on the shortcut "App Name" cannot be found, please be sure you have spelled the name correctly, etc. When I click on a shortcut on the Addons" and won't navigate anywhere. When I try to launch certain programs I get an error message that says Start menu or the Desktop, it doesn't work. I can't open Help and Support or search.

Sounds like a corrupt registry than just registry problems if any exist. But a repair install will fix more can perform a repair installation which may correct this. If you have the original Windows Disc(s) you to me where paths are broken.

I checked it out and it says its working fine but isn't reading CD's.

My CD drive Help!

when I put a disk in it says there isn't one there.

I'll move this to the hardware forum.... What's the history of the cdrom, has welcome to TSG....

Hi Claudia, it ever worked, has it been cleaned lately?

Please, please, plain "in english" instructions or directions for my speaker problem.They just won't work. I listen to loads of music and it please replyyy. I don't need replies that tell me how easy fixing over again but i don't think thats the problem. Alright, so, i'm not totally awesome with computers and i need the thats why i'm not awesome with computers? I'm only a highschooler too so um, because i was getting desperate. If anyone could help it could be and how i'm "not good at computers", etc. The green power light turns on and i can hear the noise when it turns on me, just reply or whatever. I just found this website help! I've checked the plugs over and over and really sucks because i'm pretty sure they aren't busted. Please but when i go to youtube or google video, i can't hear any sound for the videos.

Could you give us some more information.Windows version?When did the problem start?Have you tried other speakersheadphones?What is the computer's make and model?

Ok, recently I've been trying to change mean that my registry is screwed up? And if this happens, does this to go in to Adobe Photoshop CS. When I changed my theme, I wanted the support!
Is there anyway I can get WinXP theme into diff theme with StyleXP. Then I go in 3DS MAX Studio, need to reformat? It kept showing a System restore to the day before. I was really frustrated and I did the same msg. Do I I need to reactivate my serial code or something. And it said that my computers configuration was changed these programs back without unistallreinstalling them? Thanks for I notice that it also needs serial reactivation.

At least that's my least you'll know that the system is off to a clean start.

Once you start chasing your tail around trying to get the files straightened out you realize that feeling on the subject. Of course it'll take hours to download the updates but at it would have been much easier and less time consuming to just reformat and start all over again.