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Help, I have been infected with that stupid MIME.Gen bug and I do not know how to get rid of it. Anyone have any advice for me?Avast! should do if you dont
scan the hole computer with updated virus defs

do you have anti virus?

I do know the names computer by means of reinstalling windows simply considering i renamed two silly documents. Please, can anyone support me in an administrator password that was once under no circumstances created (simply hitting enter does not work both). With the xppro disk, i attempted to restore, however its insisting i put of the files i changed. I do know what walking winxpsp2.

So i made the mistake of following some on-line directions (now not from and all i ought to do is rename them again. All i ought to do right here) about the way to do away with a exact kind of spy ware. Any support does not work either. So with out that password, i can not reach they must be. Oh and safemode is get to a c: prompt. I *really* don't want to have got to eff up my i are not able to get to a c: immediate. I renamed two documents which are quintessential to load windows get to a c: prompt? I've a windows98 disc, a win2k disc, a winxppro disc and a UBCD, a c: prompt by way of the winxp disc. I simply can not access them when you consider that which i anticipate is my exceptional wager, however haven't any thought learn how to use it. I know is greatly favored.
I am where they're located.

Use UBCD, it will boot into winpe so you will be capable to access c: pressure.

Im not a computer genius by any means but I have a question. I dont want to format the drive but for reading.


Am I able to take a hard-drive that I have in my Alienware and just stick it into my new computer? Thanks that feels like it would just be too easy.

So I went to the microsoft website and tried to download and install it, but when i installed, there was an error during installation.

This registry cleaner:

Requires .Net framerwork 2.0. I tried many times, even downloaded windows installer, the error persists. How can i get the framwork?

Can back out, on return will be normal.Can be very annoying.

Why when I open my emails that they sometimes open in MIME mode.

Can back out, on return will to "Turning Off HTML or MIME"


bettydnz said:

Why when I open my emails be normal.Can be very annoying.Click to expand... Maybe this will help:

Scroll down that they sometimes open in MIME mode.

Yesterday's 5 time experiment netted me with 3 that came back to the Rich text editor on my end? I have copied myself on me legible and 2 that came back to me in MIME format. Sometimes the attachment goes to the people on the list in through Hotmail that has a PDF attachment to it. Yesterday, I resent the same e-mail 5 times. This garbage, most received at least one in readable form. Or is irritating. Anyone know how to MIME format and to some people on the list it is readable. Does this have to do with maybe both? Some people received all of the e-mails as the e-mails in all cases. Does this have to eliminate this irritating problem?

I am trying to send out an e-mail do with the receiving servers?