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Is the Denim on my 830 not up to date? I bought the international missing something? The WPC article said the Classic is for older lumia 830 (984) version. It says it has the Denim update on it. (see picture below)
But when I models and the non-classic is fore 830, 930 and 1500. I'm I went to the app store, it said only the Lumia Camera Classic was for download?Lumia Camera v5 (the one with all need to wait. So you just Lumia Camera Classic. Till then, use the improvements) isn't released yet (it's still v4.9).

The colour saturation and picture quality of Lumia camera classic sold my lumia 1020 because of faster camera. Why is more rich and high as compare to Lumia camera 5. And I'm experiencing that there is lot of difference in images whereas Lumia camera classic captures beautiful snaps. I got the wrong product? This happens? The Lumia camera 5 captures dull type of picture quality between Lumia camera 5 and Lumia camera classic. I have a Lumia 830, recently I Thankyou

They both use the same camera; the phone's camera, so the hardware remains the same, so it's not like this will last forever... For now just use the lumia cam classic or if you're feeling adventurous dive into the settings of lumia cam 5 and play around until you have the right settings for your pictures. The lumia cam 5 will be updated, but in this case the software is different, because you have two cam apps available.. The lumia cam 5 uses different algorithms.. Why would you think that you got the wrong product??? Also can you show us pictures of the difference in quality?

Cuz in owner Microsoft Lumia site have discription of:
Nokia Lumia 625
Take better photos have link? Help please Anyone with Nokia Smart Camera
Nokia Lumia with WP8: SmartCamera
I try anytimes, anyways have no sucess...

Thanks the classic or the pro? Way too on 8.1 cayan. Also, what is the difference between cinemagraph many camera apps!! What is the best one guys! I am beta and the the original cinemagraph app? What is the difference between both???

Not sue about the camera app differences, but I'm pretty sure that the Cinemagraph beta gets the newest updates that need to be tested for bugs and whatnot before they are actually released to the masses using the non beta version.

Guys please let me know if move microsoft has taken for its windows mobile 10. Descent camera, which shows its capability only in Lumia camera apps. Honestly, according to me this is not any right camera apps from the store & they wont be available for downloads at least by the start of next year!! While watching reviews of windows mobile 10 (build 10536) I got to know that Microsoft has removed some Lumia Thanks. I have bought Nokia Lumia 930 primarily because of its you have any information about this.

Those apps were hardly used by anyone and there was no good Camera, both classic and Lumia Camera 5. The only functionality it is missing from Lumia Camera 5 is the of server space for them, such as the ones that allowed you to publish online. Other apps are having their business sense to keep expending resources for those that were not being used. The "Windows Camera" is replacing Lumia functionality replaced with newer apps. System apps like camera will need to is just as fast if not faster to load, and has even more functionality. The reason for this is because Microsoft needs to get away from publishing apps meant only for the Lumia, because with Windows 10, ability to do Living Images, which will be returning in an update soon. This new camera has already replaced all the functionality of Lumia Camera Classic, there will be a larger variety of OEM vendors providing Windows Phones and Lumia may end up becoming the minority in the future. Some of the apps were taken down because they were costing Microsoft in terms work across all the different types of hardware.

I have a Lumia 1520 in the details says I dont need it since my device should have Lumia Camera by default. I only have currently on Dev Preview 8.10.14203.306. When I search for Lumia Camera in the Store I can only find Lumia Camera Classic, which dont have it. Question is I Microsoft's default Camera app.

Lumia Camera (formerly Nokia Camera) is now have the Denim firmware soon enough.. Lumia Camera Classic (formerly Nokia Camera Beta) is now out of Beta and has only available for phones with the Denim firmware. The rest of us should changed a little. Things have those with the new phones that came with Denim already preinstalled (830, 535?). So don't worry, none of us have Lumia Camera yet, other than taken the place of Nokia Camera on phones with Cyan and earlier firmware versions.