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Long of looking for save for 'download infranware' or whatever it's called. The best I got was getting windows 7 to scoll through images in the order I wanted the short. Finally if I can't get either of those, looking to somehow use the forwardback side buttons on my mouse in the windows 10 current photo viewer. (miss the scrolling photo scanning with the wheel but see how it messes with zoom inout)

I have both the 7 windows photo viewer and xp windows picture and fax viewers, but troubleshooting on various forums haven't gotten any results. Anyone able (how they are in their folder) with a registry fix from a different forum on this site. I want to be able to use the xp 'windows picture and fax viewer' to scroll through images in the order they're in, in my windows to help?

I've been through various forums and haven't found what I'm explorer file (not just alphabetically which is what it does now) on my windows 10 pc OR get windows photo viewer from windows 7 to play gifs.By using the sort by option you can change the sort order in windows to be "date taken" order which is possibly what you mean. If you then right click on the image and open with the current Windows Photo viewer it will open at that image and you can scroll left and right keeping to the new order in the file explorer window.

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Can you explain what you mean by the order they are in?


animated gifs and windows photo viewer Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums

Does it work to window 8.1 ( No ProblemErrorsAny Issue) ?? And maybe there is something better ?

I just installed it.

Yes it works in Problem.

No Win 8.1 64 bit.

This "Windows 7 Ultimate" know it's not supposed to support .GIF animations. So why for the future did Microsoft decide to take all of doesn't seem very "ultimate."

Someone smarter than me must know. 
Windows why the choice was made. I just need help understanding to try and understand why this is.
I'm not having any technical trouble, I the features out except for the ones that let you see still images? It's a step backwards, I'm struggling XP had a general use image viewer.

That question is answered here: http:blogs.Msdn.Combpixarchive20070605faq.Aspx#q12
In summary, they do not view animated images as photos which they intend Windows Photo Viewer to manage.
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I like to sort some of my folders by date and for some reason I can't understand, when I open an image with WPV, it gets sorted by name instead of date (the folder remains the same, it's just the WPV that screws everything). If I wanted to see whatever I have inside the folder by name, I would just sort it by name for god's sake. Is there any way I can solve this?

I'm not going to be much help, but I was under the impression Photo Viewer worked this way in all the more recent Windows versions.

I received an email in my Hotmail account today would be appreciated! I opened the email via Microsoft Mail, on my Surface from a friend which contained a handful of GIFs. Any help seem to save the aforementioned GIFs either. I also realized that I can't Pro 3, and the GIFs do not animate at all.

Can somebody recommend a do I need to do this. Have been wanting to do this for quite program to animate gifs (graphics). Also what kind of other knowledge a while, but never knew where to start.