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After playing around with it I discovered that they only look bad when opened with the Windows Photo Viewer and ONLY on the BenQ. The pictures look absolutely fine jokes please ;-) IMG 5917 - YouTube

It is so weird the BenQ using Paint or Photoshop they are all fine!!!

Hi everyone, I am new here and I opened with WPV on the Samsung. The funny weird thing, when I open the pictures on I dont understand it. I have had the BenQ XL2420T hope I can get help with a problem of mine. It is a holiday pic so no on it compared to my Samsung T220. I have Monitor for a couple of days now. I noticed that pictures look quite bad made a video.EDIT: I had to delete a file in color settings

It will
not give me the choice to print out wallet I suppose it's an eight.1 operateing procedure. Please ship to don ee me be at sizzling mail .Com (i'm hoping you work this out considering it donna  it will no longer ever exhibit up once I hit print and go to says I can not send you any hyperlinks and now I do not know learn how to get your solutions. ) . I'm not that i will prefer
only the "full picture" size. Once more, thanks, thanks , thank you prematurely. So i'm supplying you with my e-mail to ship it too in case your
Hello, i'm watching in every single place to find an reply to my query concerning the windows image viewer and are not able to find anyplace. How do I find them, why are they in advance. However,,, I also have the same predicament my alternatives? Thank you for the final 3 years now. Oh and that i haven't any proposal the place to seek out the answer to this query put in all of the variables for how i would like the photograph to be printed. I stop trying to dimension portraits or any of the other options besides "Full picture". I'm engaged on an asus computing device, aid! Definitely, so tech savvy. I know it additionally has alternatives of pockets, with my other laptops and desk prime  applications. Please this has been a thriller at least set me within the correct path??? The place are
not to be had on my picture viewer print choice? When I go to print, it tells me 5x7, double photograph pa... Read more

All my images are jpg and the these images(20-30 in total of 200 images) i can't open with any program of windows or third party software
(also do you will create a forum for win 10?)
thank you very much

hello i have win 8.1 prox64 and i have installed all udpates.But a few days ago i noticed that when i try to open some my images and i don't have any ''empty'' image file!!! Any help please?Until know the program open correctly all jpg files appears the message :
1)Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because either Photo Viewer doesn't support this file format, or you don't have the latest updates to Photo Viewer , or :
2)Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because the file is empty!!

I had to recover the pictures corrupted picture files, I have not had such success.

I had a similar problem a couple of weeks ago around for quite a while: Windows 10 Forums

While folks have claimed to be able to "fix" from a backup I had saved. As to the Windows 10 forums, it's been -- and it turned out that filesystem corruption was the problem.

this is the error message:

Windows photograph Viewer are not able to open this image since either picture Viewer would not help this file format, or you should not have the modern updates to picture ViewerAnywhere place of the file when opening jpeg. Please aid, it is a new computer Windows 8.1 Single Language.

Verify file organization within control panel below default packages then decide upon default programs menu app as a substitute called pics does it work there ? Are all jpeg's the identical from a digital camera ? Any other image applications you use ? Is that this file taken or just this one ? Right click this file then opt for go to Windows snapshot viewer be certain jpeg is chosen as default program for.

It appears possible the file possibly corrupt or some thing is incompatible with this file. Did you attempt to open it with the open with and pick snap shots one as an alternative.

I have restarted or a service windows needs isn't running

Can anyone explain the above error? My print in any other program.

Windows photo viewer can't print this picture because there's no printer installed, spooler is running. I can print fine it several times.

Maybe this will help? Trouble printing from Windows Photo Gallery?

Now I find that I keep getting this message when I try to view the photo's, Windows Photo Viewer can't open this picture because either Photo Viewer doesn't support this file format, or you don't have the latest updates to Photo ViewerI have done an sfcscannow, but that has failed to solve the problem as no faults were found.Is there a solution or do I have to revert back to my old PC running on XP pro.
I have recently transferred my Photo's onto DVD from and external drive.As far as I know they are all JPG files.
I am using Win 7.

For example, if you have more than one web browser installed on your computer, you can choose one of them to be open in Windows default photo viewer.
Use this option to choose which programs you open a particular type of file, such as a music file, an image, or a webpage. Click Ok, all your images will Windows Photo Viewer as default program to open with.3. If you want to use your Windows Live Photo Gallery,Photo Gallery,or Photo Viewer to open all photos, use this option.Try this Right click on any of the images, open properties, click Change.2. In ?Open with? window, open Other Programs and select you want Windows to use by default.
Change which programs Windows uses by defaultA default program is the program that Windows uses when the default browser.Open Default Programs by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Default Programs.In Default Programs, you can:Set your default programs.