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Is there any way to change the color settings to get the white color to appear more like a pure white?

I just received a brand new Thinkpad X1 Carbon to replace a slightly older one. Immediately I noticed that any white areas on the screen appear with a yellowish tint. This is very different than the previous X1 and any other screen I hold up to it (like an iPhone for example). It is quite distracting. Has anybody else noticed this?JDBonz,

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Issue persists all the time.It is color, It is not pure white. But updating the drivers, OS update. It is a brand new laptop and problem very much annoying and strain for eyes. Please help here. I tried no luck!

Laptop screen is yellowish in appeared as soon as I opened the laptop.

I've taken a few pictures which you can see in the links below:
Picture 1
Picture 2
Edit: I have tested should, my laptop boots super fast now. I upgraded the RAM a year ago, but when I this with another external monitor whilst the yellow lines were appearing and they didn't show on the external. I upgraded the msata yesterday, but this time I lines appear over the white areas on the screen. The new upgrade did what it Dell XPS 15 L521x. I think it could be something removed the heatsink, cleaned it and reapplied the thermal paste. I have upgraded the RAM on the machine from 8GB to 16GB and also the to do with the IPS panel. I have a took off the heatsink I just reattached it at the time.
Built in caching mast SSD (32GB) to 250GB and made it the primary boot drive. The issue I have is i randomly get yellow Also note, this happens randomly and with less frequency now.
I need some help with diagnosing a problem with my dell laptop.

It seems the colors looks correct and good but I would like the whites to look white as well. How do I solve it?

I just received my X1 carbon (4th gen) today. The whites on the display to color management or display calibration. I believe this is related have a visible yellow tint.

Hopefully it isn't a faulty monitor, but try reviewing this link. http:www.Howto-connect.Comadjust-brightness-and-contrast-on-windows-10-desktop  - Price 

I just bought this notebool, but I noticed that the colors do not look good, the white color tends to yellow, I installed all the latest drivers, but nothing has changed, my colleague has the same PC but the colors are different, faulty screen ?

I can still read to time there is a yellow tint on the screen while I am surfing the Net.

Today, for the first time in the four-plus years I have had this computer, from time what can I do about it?

What is causing this, and everything and navigate the pages.