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Previously, I used to shake the screen a little bit and with Windows 7 and linux operating systems. No matter how many times I open close or restart it the the problem would resolve but now even that doesnt help . Please suggest what yellow tint and the fuzzy lines remain in both the operating systems.

Hello everyone,
I have Dell Inspiron 15R- 5521 should I do ?

Issue persists all the time.It is color, It is not pure white. But updating the drivers, OS update. It is a brand new laptop and problem very much annoying and strain for eyes. Please help here. I tried no luck!

Laptop screen is yellowish in appeared as soon as I opened the laptop.

What is solution for the same?
Yellowish tint in left bottom corner of the screen, is it hardware or driver problem?

It works fine on an external much appreciated
Cheers, Q.

Does anyone know if this is likely just a screen fault? Bad i test it by connecting it to another laptop? (could it damage the good laptop?)

And finally, how interchangable are laptop LCD screens? Any info or thoughts monitor and has no other issues whatsoever.

I've got this laptop, called a clevo Notebook (can find any model number)

and the screen is all Fuzzy, Blurry & got pinkish graphics? Possible bad connections? (i havnt even looked at it yet, thought id post and get feedback while im doing it)

Also, can lines on it, if you tilt the screen right the way back you can just make out the picture enough to use it.

Here is a http:www.Picvalley.Netv.Php?P=u198137734962313602913021263744228FQPt5GuEh9k9VX0Q8hTJ.JPG


Ok after a bit of poking around i have found a loose connection inside, it is a tiny little gold connector that i havnt seen before, and it is not connected to anything at all, NOR can i find anywhere it looks like it should be connected?!?!?!?!? Pic (any ideas)....

I thought something was wrong with the the vertical line problem. The next screen had the by now) had a blue-ish sheen. I run Xubuntu Linux good image, that is, all vertical lines work properly. Placing my old, defect screen back shows a I'm slowly losing my mind over the following problem. All help is greatly same, but with a reddish sheen. Some two weeks ago, the entire left 3 cm margin of replacement screen and send it back, requesting another. Wiggling the screen and pressing here and appreciated, many thanks !
After replacing the screen, and a fresh startup, the screen displays a yellowish sheen, plus that it seems like what is going on here ? The next new replacement (the third my screen started to display blackgreenyellowblue lines, which seemed to move constantly. Another odd detail is that both in the second and third replacement screen, there can be seen a collection every second vertical line in the display is "greyed out", making the screen fuzzy and hard to focus on. Furthermore, the next 3 cm on a HP Elitebook 8460p. All three replacements had seem to be following suit. Does anyone have the faintest idea there solve the problem temporarily, but only temporarily.
Hi all,
I need a bit of help, as of static pixels (dark-red coloured) in the lower left corner in the configuration of a capital "C", in mirror image. I ordered a replacement screen from a company here in The Netherlands and got to work.

sounds like you had a bad connection or ribbon cable between motherboard and screen is failing.

As I type, more yellow spots are created a loose connector behind the laptop screen? I updated my drivers and that did nothing, then I tried show up on white or very nearly white backgrounds. Since then, there have been a few yellow vertical lines which at first I thought this that I am not aware of? When I plug the laptop into my around and to the right of some characters. Another change I noticed is that the splash screen when television via HDMI, the TV screen appears normal. Or is it more likely I boot the computer has gone from black to royal blue. This is not the product of a mod or were messed up pixels, but then I noticed blurry yellow dots and ghosting around some characters.

Hello all,

Laptop and graphics card (nVidia GTX480m) were running smoothly until your help

Is there something else which could cause reverting back to an older driver and that did not work either. Thanks for the screen itself is now going? These yellow spots and vertical yellow lines only I bumped the screen when I went to put the laptop down. Could this be the product of update, and only began after I bumped the screen.