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Please can I have some help if there's anyone out there who can? I'm loving my IdeaPad Yoga 13 so far and I've already upgraded the RAM using the approved 8GB RAM from Crucial - and it works a treat...Now I desperately need to upgrade the SSD as I am running out of space and really am not keen with re-partitioning the existing 128GB drive even though I understand the allocations are a bit screwy. So....I have got the new Crucial 256GB SSD module ready to install in the 2nd SSD slot which I feel comfortable doing (from a mechanical point of view). My problem is finding a way to use the 256GB drive as my primary Hard Drive so the existing windows OS and my programs (which are pretty big already) can have some space to breathe - I'll then use the smaller 128GB existing SSD as storage for documents, music, pics and data etc. I THINK and HOPE (!!) my ideal solution would be to "copy" everything from the existing factory slot 1 SSD to the Slot 2 (new) SSD and then open up the machine and swap them around again. Is it possible to migrate ALL data, OS, programs and settings to the new SSD in slot 2 and then swap 'em round??? I have read a few horror stories of "disc locked" errors and the like. Does that seem logical and possible, I really would prefer not to have to install everything again and customise it all as I'm comfortable with the ways things are now.... Help please!!!

Is it feasible to upgrade SSD 256GB to SSD 5121TB or replace Optical power with SSD?

I upgrade E440 M.2 16GB SSD  to 256GB SSD Adata Premier Pro SP900 (M.2 2242) (ASP900NS34-256GM-C). process:HW - change SSD disks in the notebook.BIOS - change priority boot 1.) DVD 2.) to Solution.

Go SSDINSTAL - using the windows 8 recovery disk set HDD SSD Settings in the picture:Link to image System and boot works perfectly.Question:Can I format an entire disk 0 only for storage?Thanks 


I have some questions about the M.2 change.

Can you give E440 and change the M.2 SSD.

I want buy too a lenovo me your email ?

Hello all, I've just purchased a ThinkPad X220.  The only SSD that can be ordered with it is 160GB - which I did - but with the size of Windows 7 this turns out to be too small for my needs.  Lenovo has a 256GB SSD - 43N3417 - but they don't sell it online, and when I enquired about it with their Chat service they told me the 256GB drive will fit, but I need to purchase it from another retailer and have it installed.  Has anyone done this, and can you confirm that this SSD will indeed fit as a direct replacement for my smaller SSD? Thanks in advance.Ron

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As a default configuration you can use Standard 128GB, 160GB solid state drive, 2.5" wide, 7mm high
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Go to upgrade it to 256 SSD.  Will my laptop support the 256 SSD? To Solution.

I want to upgrade the SSD, not the normal 591G with 60GB SSD.

Hi, I have an Aspire VN7 Solved! I am running out of space on the SSD, and I want 1TB harddisk. I think the form of the SSD is m.2.

Hi,It's a NVMe drive, I can not confirm that it will work but as I said in my previous post M.2 SATA drive useful informations in these threads:https:community.Acer.Comt5V-and-VN-Series-LaptopsV5-591G-nvme-support-Samsung-950-protd-p4257...Https:community.Acer.Comt5V-and-VN-Series-LaptopsNVME-support-VN7-591Gm-p491034http:community.Acer.Comt5V-and-VN-Series-LaptopsAcer-Aspire-VN7-591G-M-2-PCIe-x4-NVMe-SSD-suppo... 

You will find some will definitely work, if you find a retailer who has flexible returns policy, you could try, if it doesn't work get the SATA drive.

Hello, I'm trying to locate the firmware upgrade for my SSD, i can't do it directly from Micron because it's an OEM update. Micron M550 256GB mSATA-3 Solid State Drive   Product#: F3C92AA   Serial: 14240D283F9C I'm currenctly on firmware ver M5T4 looking to upgrade to MU02 or the latest MUN2. Thank you. 

Hi, Normally HP will test new firmware and modify it if required and release. HPSA will pick this up for you OR you can check from your machine homepage. What is out the modelproduct of your machine:  http:support.Hp.Comus-endocumentc00033108 Regards.

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