IDG Contributor Network: Are you treating your data as an asset?


It’s a phrase we constantly hear, isn’t it? Data is a crucial business asset from which we can extract value and gain competitive advantage. Those who use data well will be the success stories of the future.

This got me thinking: If data is such a major asset, why do we hear so many stories about data leaks? Would these companies be quite so loose with other assets? You don’t hear about businesses losing hundreds of company cars or half a dozen buildings, do you?

If data is a potential asset, why aren’t companies treating it as such?

The reality is many businesses don’t treat data as an asset. In fact, it’s treated so badly there is increasing regulation forcing organizations to take better care of it. These external pressures have the potential to provide significant benefits, forcing a change in the way data is viewed across organizations from top to bottom. Forcing data to be treated as the asset it is.