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i have lumia 535, problem is cant start camera on this device after some days,
error code is :- 0xA00f4246(0xE8010001)
Hardik bambhaniya

My ?nh c?a ti khng th? ho?t ??ng, l?i trn x?y ra khi ti ch?p ?nh

Windows 10 at my Nokia 1020! I have same problem build 10586.

error code:0*A00F4245(0*80070005)
not able to take photos
can any one help me

See this link for instructions on updates in store and also for updates for the OS
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not able to take photos
can any one help me check for any pending how to join Windows Central.

Plz tell me somthing to solve it.

Or the error code shown at the moment? Do u have any screenshots of the error?

Hi team, after my latest update,my 630 camera app is really slow on the launch! (Its the Nokia app,with pro setting).

The colour saturation and picture quality of Lumia camera classic sold my lumia 1020 because of faster camera. Why is more rich and high as compare to Lumia camera 5. And I'm experiencing that there is lot of difference in images whereas Lumia camera classic captures beautiful snaps. I got the wrong product? This happens? The Lumia camera 5 captures dull type of picture quality between Lumia camera 5 and Lumia camera classic. I have a Lumia 830, recently I Thankyou

They both use the same camera; the phone's camera, so the hardware remains the same, so it's not like this will last forever... For now just use the lumia cam classic or if you're feeling adventurous dive into the settings of lumia cam 5 and play around until you have the right settings for your pictures. The lumia cam 5 will be updated, but in this case the software is different, because you have two cam apps available.. The lumia cam 5 uses different algorithms.. Why would you think that you got the wrong product??? Also can you show us pictures of the difference in quality?