IDG Contributor Network: The 3 Cs from data to digital transformation


Without question, digital transformation has captured the attention of the world’s business community. But digital transformation is really data transformation because the foundation is so frequently putting new sources of data to use. Consider how new data-driven juggernauts have upended industries, such as Uber in transportation, Airbnb in hospitality, and Alibaba and Tencent in payments, pushing China’s mobile payments to a record $32 trillion in 2017.

Companies seeking a similar impact on their industries can follow a simple three Cs approach to improving their data infrastructure on a path to digital success. That includes:

  • Consideration of the applications and analytics that need to be served.
  • Consolidation of the expanding number of datastores and analytic systems.
  • Cloud focus for new deployments.

1. Consideration

Too often, technology deployments can take on a life of their own independent of the applications and analytics they serve. It takes time and energy to corral the inputs from business units on specific requirements and work them into the infrastructure.

Data architects can use the following points to focus the team’s consideration of data requirements.