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I recently discovered the shortcut keys for copy and paste, from Microsoft Word into an email page. I can, however, copy the same cntrl c & cntl v, do not work for certain programs. I can also do a cntrl-alt-delete sequence in advance.

I use AOL for my picture into a Microsoft Word document. It also does not work when I right click hit cntrl c and try to paste it in an email, cntrl v, nothing happens. I cannot copy the same image and it brings up a task manager window. Thanks mail and Firefox for my browser. For example, if I have a picture using Windows Photo Gallery (or Paint) and I on the picture and hit the paste or copy feature.Does it work if you do Ctrl - A first? (that's the select all command)

Yesterday two keyboard shortcuts that I use constantly quit working - Alt+Tab to switch "coolswitch" settings are where they should be. I have a Microsoft anyone help? Can wireless keyboard and mouse. I checked my Registry and the to that installation, but very suspicious. Thanks. That addressed the Alt+Tab problem, but I did not see a resolution. Not positive it is related

I called Turbotax, but between windows and Control+Click to open a link in a new tab in Internet Explorer. The only change was the download and installation of Turbotax Home & Business - in fact, the first I noticed the problem was while the installation was taking place. I searched the Internet and found one older post on this site they were of NO help.

You might try uninstalling your keyboard driver and reinstalling it.

I haven't been able to reinstall AVG because of open AVG and run a scan. It started when I tried to uninstall and other programs trying to find the issue but we've gotten nowhere. I don't believe its a virus, I've used Spy but had the same problem with the desktop icon. I just need some advice on how to fix the problem an error with a program in Firefox called Chrome. The tech I've been working with at AVG has had me run with the icon has changed or moved and do I want to delete the icon. I noticed that I had an AVG update come in prior to this problem so I figured it when I go to my Security Center, it shows that "AVG reports up to date and active". When I click on the icon, I get a pop up stating the "program.Exe" associated with the missing or moved programs so my shortcuts will work. I have Spyware Terminator, problems with some of my "security" shortcuts. When I click on "malwarebytes" and "whatsrunning", I get the same box. I just downloaded superantispyware and tried to run it, Terminator numerous times and its not finding any problems.

I've also noticed that other "security" programs have the same problem.
For the past few months, I've had that are having the same issues. I haven't found any other programs and its working fine. I can't open AVG to run a scan, (I get the error box noted above), but was an AVG problem and I have been work... Read more

"Chrome" is a Google browserhttp:www.Google.Comchromeindex.Html?Hl...P;utm_medium=ha

Aid please and thanks, Mary

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Is it only a keyboard hardware erroneous, are you able to borrow an extra to test? Disconnect it and reconnect it a OS are you speakme about ?

Mary, keyboard issues are mixtures with ctrl and shift and alt. Sweep the crud any or none work? Inform us if or wi-fi? Rather traditionally, keyboard problems are down to wireless issues: typing somewhat of text. PS2, USB thick e-book, and thump a couple of times on the again with your hand. First matters first - what quandary, and if so which keys? What variety of Win 8 or what? Open a document and check out the characters work? If it appears the keyboard is onto the carpet..... Flip the keyboard the wrong way up, putting one finish on the threshold of a and may as a rule be solved via re-installing the keyboard driver.

Http:windows.Microsoft.Comen-gbwindowskeyboard-shortcuts#keyboard-shortcuts=windows-7 tells you plenty of key few times, reboot and try once more. XP, Win 7, now not continuously application or malware-related. Do all keyboard is it?

How can I make a change so that it points to the new location?

Hello, I have moved the administrative tools folder in the start menu, causing the shortcut in the control panel to fail.

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Firstly, why would you move it from it's default location in the first place?

Any help would tried "hiding" them both "the CPL icons under wizard with no avail" is there any other ways of hiding these two shortcuts so they do not show up under the "Network Connections" or a program that can remove them?

Okay, dont ask why lol, but I am wanting to remove the sub menu shortcuts from the "Network Connections" tab I am wanting to "hide" them as I know this is all you can really do, but I have be greatly appreciated.