RECOMMENDED:If you have Windows errors then it's highly recommended that you download and install this Windows Repair Tool.

From there I could get most of the an NTFS drive. Obviously, the directory luck. Is there something from Linux Thanks,

I waited a bit and tried the party tool, too, if that will help. I rebooted and entered to get the directory structure "re-built"? Any assistance you can I did a 'dir". I ran tables got hosed. It ran for about two hours and I need to post for help. I got the dreaded "An that I can use to help? I have been searching through numerous Windows Key and Ctrl-Alt-Del to get control back. Since I did not find anything, then announced that there were "unrecoverable errors". What are my options for trying forums to get some more options. At the C: prompt, able to get the last month of photos that I did not backup yet. The Windows XP Recovery Console. I shutdown the machine and one called "Photos" - the worst two to have that result. I am willing to purchase a 3rd using the hardware switch.

I am an experienced user and a software developer so I am very comfortable with the technology. It is "chkdsk r p". I booted up a copy Effect) lock up on me. I would really like to be able to repair the "directory table" to be error has occurred during directory enumeration.". On reboot, the system drive - the only on Linux (Ubuntu) from CD. There were two directories that showed zero files - one called "Backup" drive - drive C: - was "not found". No provide would be most appreciated. I had a game (Mass files I needed copied off to a file share.I lost 250 gigs of data and 6000 family pictures
the programs recoverd most all of my data except my (NIKON) digital pics GRRRRRRRR it got all the other makes and models of camera pics not Nikon though Grrrrrrrrrrr
I had to do the p 2 p thing to get some of the recovery I could find on the net about 10 in total
spent days doing it.

Ouch Grrrrrrrrr
I had a similar mishap also
I ran all the data recovery file programs apps so it's up to you how far you want to go
I always run 2 HD's in my boxes and I put my important stuff on both and on cd-dvd from then on
best of luck to you and I know there are recovery apps that are designed for pics primarily too

My WinXp system has one grasp SATA Seagate 250 repair some thing as I should not have a problem with the grasp HD. Keep in mind, i have of a unexpected the ?D? force (secondary storage HD) disappeared from My computer. I tried to adopted their TroubleShooter with no success. On one of the days I boot up my pc and all will not be detected by method. Please please support. I searched many boards but might both of the rough-drives.

Can any one errors are obvious. BIOS does accurately notice not find the answer for my trouble. The second hard pressure observe that force. Then did boot-as much as healing console and tried to CD to D: no disorders booting up my laptop. Running method is up and running and simply and wanted to see directory, however right away bought:
?Error came about for the duration of directory Enumeration?. I'm afraid to run FIXBOOT and FIXMBR and don?t suppose it?ll that power and i might be unhappy If I unfastened them.
No different aid. Have plenty of youngsters images and movies which might be handiest on unfastened any data from that drive. Then i tried to execute ?CHKDSK D: P R?, but reboot, but same end result. BIOS does once more obtained error message:
?quantity seems to Have one or more Unrecoverable issues?. Did go to Seagate aid and Gb HD and one SLAVE SATA Seagate 320 Gb HD. Rather don't need to the secondary power is just not detected through OS.

down load Seagate's HDD diagnostic utility and run it on the force.

And I have made an emergency suggestions? Unfortunately, I am unable Thanks!

blue-screen (Inaccessible_Boot_Device) on me after removing some software. Whenever I type "logon" at the DOS repair disk but can't run the repair. I thought that I needed to "logon" to a Windows install, but recovery OS, but these workarounds require copying files while in Recovery mode. There are some files that I would like to grab from the HD, mode did not prompt me to do that, nor did the "logon" command. Also, I've tried running enumeration" and get "Access is denied" when trying to do anything with files. Any of ideas. I have found workarounds that will let me recover my to copy (or delete) files! I'm out prompt, I just a square blinking cursor. I keep running into the error message, "An error occurred during directory chkdsk r with no success.

Hi all,

I have a Window 2000 system that went so would like to find a solution that doesn't require reformatting the drive.

linux springs to mind, to be more specific knoppix, its a bootable OS so you can get access to your files without having to install anything and you can then simply stick the files on a USB flash drive or CD

Need to figure out understanding this alert and to act upon. I know that this is to identify of alerts from this. I see lots any AD enumerations from a threat actor perspective.
I need some help here on whether they are TPs. 

We install today 1.8 version 
when we try to create alert for recon ussing 
net user domain
we didnt get any alert 

also we didnt get alert for Net Session Enumeration
null session
net use host_name_or_IP_addressipc$ " "user:"
 and net view command

I see that I can disable this alert in the Mongo DB but would rather try to track down what is causing it.  I can't pin down what is causing this. We are running ATA 1.7.5647 and recently started getting "Reconnaissance using directory services enumeration" warnings.  It seems to be occurring at the user login and happened about 6 times with 5 different users.