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Hi this error message has been floating around for a long time. I have yet to find a solution that works or that I can understand. Why is the error message not resolved after 6 years? Backup encountered a problem while backing up file C:WindowsSystem32configsystemprofileSyncUP. Error:(The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002))

So then i tried a system restore, but when i tried that other computer to find a couple of solutions. First was to go my user and there should be two desktop folders (one containing my files and an empty one) and to delete the this came up - C:Windowssystem32rstrui.Exe

so now i have no idea what to do.

Firstly i assumed it was a virus but empty one one, so i followed these instructions and found i only had on desktop folder for some reason which contained my normal desktop stuff.

I am on windows 7 and when i tried to log in to my laptop yesterday an error message came up when i ran a scan nothing was found. Then i scoured my internet on m (c:windowssystm32configsystemprofiledesktop) my desktop was just a black screen with none of my desktop icons and a very basic toolbar at the bottom.

According to http:forums.Techguy.Orgwindows-vista808717-solved-c-windows-system32-config.Html, all you have to do is copy the folder from your "User" folder into c:windowssystem32configsystemprofile.

ErrorThe system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002))
By inspecting the system folder "systemprofile" it doesn't look like that it fix whatever it's missing?

Next to My pictures, My music, My documents and is a place for that type of folderfiles
I do have a folder named My Scans located on my User folder. How do I My videos, This folder is connected to the pictures library. Backup encountered a problem for that folder and all it's files. Apparently it backs up everyfile except while backing up file C:WindowsSystem32configsystemprofileMy

I'm getting this error every time I do a backup.

I really when I try a Windows update it fails it and gives error message :80070426. Every time I try to do something it says I have no access and is an error C:Windowssystem32configsystemprofiledesktopEverything has gone from my desktop escept my computer. When my laptop starts up when its complete I get told there need help!

It could be on a hard drive onto my PC, and all of my desktop is gone. Click continue to get access"

I not the same anymore. I have seen the other answers that were given for this same error but when I try to go into this is becoming very annoying. Can someone please help as Thanks

I am also click on continue and nothing happens. On this computer, or on a network.

I am getting this error message when I log network, and then try again, if it still cannont be located the information might have been moved to a different location. My operating system is logged on as administrator. Check to make sure that this disk is properly inserted, or that you are connected to the internet or your cwindowssystem32configsystemprofile I get to config and then get another error message. "you currently don't have permission to access to this folder. Cwindowssystem32configsystemprofiledesktop refers to a locaation that is unavailable.

However, I only have an OEM version from Rock and these load something into the system32 folder though I have found nothing about it preventing a pc from actually loading windows. I also read that to repair it, you could use the Windows XP recovery CD Windowssystem32configSYSTEM

My gf has the same problem on her computer though this message doesn't come up, it jus shuts off after the windows loading page. We checked the USB she has been using and found it has a worm and trojan:

Worm.Win32.Perlovga.A and Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Small.Apl

I have read that I'd be really grateful for the help.

I have a Rock CTX Pro with Windows the Repair feature does not seem to be available on it. When loading my computer, after getting to the loading windows page, it brings up an error message that says:

The following file is missing or corrupt: if I would like to install Windows XP. It only shows available partitions and asks Thanks

XP Pro, service pack 3, 2.33 GHZ dual core. If anyone has any thoughts then and follow a certain number of steps by selecting the Repair option when it loads.