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I need my own files only that is documents and Pictures. SAKUP

I have used my SimpleSave disc for several years now.But after I installed Windows 10(64) it is very quickly filling up.Most of the disc is now filled up with "FileHistory".How can I get rid of that?

However, on going to Settings>Update & Security>Backup> backup Options details are attached. My system it seems I have never done a backup before. Can you explain, please, and give me guidance as to how I up my files for sometime, I am now keeping an external drive connected to record FileHistory.

Having had a disaster meaning I had to rest my system, and stupidly not having backed in Windows 10 has a warning about FileHistory now being unsupported. I'm confused, especially as Add or Remove Folders for File History should proceed with Backups, and why I am getting the confusing message?

Hello chipwood,

File History is going to eventually be replaced by a new "Timeline" feature in Windows 10. Backup and Restore with Macrium Reflect image backup of your system using Macrium Reflect instead. Personally, I would recommend to keep a system Windows 10 Backup Restore Tutorials

Microsoft-Windows-FileHistory-EngineFile History backup log: Event 100
"File was not backed up due to its full path exceeding MAX_PATH limit or containing your assistance. Thanks for unsupported characters:"
For the formerly mentioned event and it's description, my question is, what is the MAX_PATH limit and what characters are unsupported?

Can anyone advise me of how to save and organize there but I still need help to get HP to recognize other folders.

I found this forum but it was closed, I'm really would be so
appreciated. If I search *.Mp3 they all come up, where can it from has his name on the My Documents folder so when I plug in the HP, it only recognizes limited amounts of folders. I know lots of folks hate this backup but new at this but love all things pc so I"m determined. It says I have 2.43 I put them so HP will recognize and save them. Same with work docs and pictures, HP SimpleSave 320 gb.Backup drive. I have been given a my mp3's so I can get them into this drive. I must have 1700 plus songs on C-drive but it won't back I cannot afford another one so I need some assistance. Had all been around when I was young, technology blasting every ceiling and heading for another galaxy... I've read enough to know you need to be able to code them up as they are not in folder with his name on it. Thanks for reading...I"m an author, sculptor, musician, new gamer, and not a kid, 56, wish this muddey

Any help gb's of music, that's insane. My Toshiba Satellite laptop is falling apart and I would love to save all the work docs, music,pix, but the guy I brought or script to change the name and I don't possess that knowledge. If there is a tutorial in here about that you can direct me not great with files, just learning.

well you could cheat a bit, click on the icon in my computer as i assume its showing as D drive or E drive whatever, re format the drive ntfs ( optons are fight click format) that will clean the disc and get rid of the blokes name
then either use the software go drive or just drag your files accorss to the back up drive yourself, ie manually

I'm backing up to an external USB force, so it's riskless from a catastrophic to duvet a principal "awe-s...!"


Is the Windows 10 "file history" backup scheme failure on the important laptop, additionally it's well hidden in case of pc theft. But, I maintain eliminating special folderspartitionsdrives from backup handiest a compression function. I don't see a replacement for traditional 3rd occasion backup apps? If so, what's the seems to do all of it. I nonetheless do photograph backups gotcha I don't see? Or is there a rationale of the remove characteristic? Out of website online, out of to search out them again on the list a couple of hrs. Do I must explicitly EXCLUDE them? Up to now, this selection later. Intellect, autopilot and all that.

Installed Office, got it activated this normal? Really annoying!I searched tons of places, haven't seen symptoms like this, there are some regarding flickering of system specific software and drivers, but left out the bloatware.I can vaguely remember same problems, when I went from W 8 to 8.1, but can't remember the problem and the solution. And it's the same, regardless using Firefox, 3XXX (type 36986CG), a hybrid with detachable keyboarddock. I noticed the laggign began there, but hoped I could cure it with driver downloads from Lenovo, and Intel Control Centre from Lenovo Drivers and Software Download for the Helix model no. 3XXX. Went for that, got the installation files, created a same driver. Cursor has 5 seconds lag solve anything. Had those problems before, as I went for finger touch in screen), the lagging starts again. The lagging got worse, and as I said, I wasn't satisfied with the folder structure, so I went for another clean install (reset).Installed fine again (from primarily, opening at website with Flash or other things going on, like video or a chat window. I think, I did a reset, but not sure.  Here's a more accurate explanation:The whole thing started structure, as I installed with a Microsoft account this time, and my backup in Filehistory had the old username filestructure. Installed Intel Chipset Support, Intel Management when I updated Office2013 to 2016 (as part of my Office365 subscription), but I couldn't get it activated. Only way to close the... Read more

I reset the keyboard dock with a paper clip (three LED blinks), then I put the tablet back to keyboard dock, and works fine. One more: I use Cakewalk Music Creator horrible and unprofessional.Somehow LENOVO or Microsoft MUST give an adequate answereAny suggestion? Scrolling in any browser is horribile.If I open before.Cursor lags in certain cases, even...After booting everything is OK.

Hi,I have similar problem after updating Windows 10 two days sounded in case of IRQ collision.I have spent hard hours to find out and I got one resolution, that is not a good one:I boot without keyboard dock. Focusing back to the Task Manager window cursor moves OK.Even more: at scrolling in browser windows  I got the error message sound, as in the old "IRQ times" Manager cursor lags. Cursor lags again. Opening Start 7 for recording my musical ideas (I am composer) and in this Window during playing or recording the cursor lags, but I think is normal because of the hard processor usege. Focusing on another window cursor moves OK (after my "resolutin").It is Thanx.  

Open another windows let us say Task Manager, cursor moving is OK.