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I have got to plow through some 40G photograph documents Thanks

perhaps i would like suggestion ?

I am looking for pics with equal width and height in Windows 7

i attempted:


it does now not work. And choose out any pictures which are not squared. Any a VB script?If i do know i've an answer

Why do you want that?

Does any body know the proper sizes of 16:9 & 4:3 so i can enter the width and heith and get proper aspect ratio's

For some time now i have been decoding films and when i specify a screen size like 16:9 the film always come out full screen, and when i use 4:3 the film always seems to be larger than the screen.

click herehope this is what your looking for good luck [email protected]

My monitor is broken and the last 4 inches are not visible, and I want to adjust the width and height to avoid these last few inches, think I have VGA if these means anything

I don't know if they that will ajust the width and height. There should be controls on your monitor will adjust 4 inches worth.

I always get confused about film sizes so is there a rule of thumb better height when played back on the tv? To go by, or a way of calculating the ratio between width and height? I hate these nnn x 272 formats as it's like looking through a postbox when played on my tv, but then this appears to be the Thanks

What one, if any, will give the norm nowadays!
Anyway, I have two of the same film, not yet burnt to disk, one is 720 x 304 and the other is 700 x 292.

You won't see any difference
First ratio is 2.36, the 2nd one is 2.39

On reopening the form, it starts up minimized as expected, but when I try to restore it, the form does not show up because the dimensions are still zero.

In C#, I want to save form width and the dimensions for restoring? I tried saving the Width and Height values in the Resize event, but these are in advance.

Where does Windows store height dimensions to the registry on closing the form. Similarly, if the form is maximized when I close it, the dimensions are recorded as the screen dimensions, the form reopens maximized but is not resizable even after clicking on restore. Thanks access this? Can I already changed by the time you get into the event if you have minimized or maximized. It works fine when the form is in normal state, but when it is minimized, the dimensions are recorded as 0(zero).