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I tried to scan from my hp deskjet all in one it says no hp device detected. I have windows xp and i printer and copier does work. I have also cleaned up my registry and both these problems still occur. Help My all in one cannot scan from paint it is greyed out.The "Get from Scanner or Camera" Option Is Unavailable in Microsoft Painthttp:support.Microsoft.Com?Kbid=...

Hi there my camera has stopped working all of a sudden.  I have upgraded to windows ten and the camera was working until yesterday.  the light comes on and the device manager states that the drivers are ok and working properly.  So when I start the camera I have a grey picture of a camera with a line through it.  Would anyone have any ideas as to why this would be?Any help would be great thanks. Ferg

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Could you please inform us if you are using 32Bit or 64Bit windows version.

Any Wizard allowing me to title each shot with a name and number but that no longer happens. When I search through Scanners & Cameras and click on "Add an imaging device" the to the computer (Gateway MX6930) running XP (sp3) and have had no problems. HOWEVER I have had MS Word refuse to start a week or so ago and I tried reinstalling but in advance...

I plug in the decided to ask for your help.... I can click on "Have Disk" but the CD that "Scanner & Camera Installation Wizzard" starts but Sony is not listed so I cannot select it. It shows up on Explore and right clicking does not get me to the Scanner and Wizzard start-up screen that a USB driver which I did download but didn't help...... Tried to download some pics from my older Sony camera which used to bring up the Camera didn't work, I found an MS site that showed me how to repair the Word registry and that worked OK.

Got a new Canon camera which uses its own program to download pictures came with the Sony does not have the file it needs. Thanks something has happened to the registry. The only thing on the CD (besides photo programs) is would allow me to select the photos I want and to name them as they are put on the hard drive. This makes me suspect - maybe Sony (USB cable) and nothing. I can't go there so I suggestions?

Can you get your pics this way ????

Where you can explore the files and copy>paste (drag>drop) them to a folder in your computer.

Either camera should show up in "My Computer" when connected via USB ...

Does anyone have a solution for this problem? I'm using an HP all-in-one printer that is not compatable to Vista but like I said it was working great using MS Paint until I had the PC cleaned.

I lost my capability to scan using MS Paint when I had my PC cleaned for viruses.


Please provide more details on the exact model of HP device you are using.

The scanner has the latest driver from the manufacturer.

I have XP recognize the existence of the scanner. Don how to make it active. I also have a any help. Can someone tell me Jacobs

However the MSPaint program does not with SP2 installed. Thanks for Visioneer 8100 scanner installed. It scans well. When I open Paint (MSPaint) and then select file the acquire camera or scanner option is not active.

The scanner was also plugged XP because of some basic WIA which permits scanners to be used without being installed. I do not really want to install the scanner because I to be used, but I could not find the instructions path to make use of the scanner. Also, somewhere along the attempted process, Windows invited me to look for drivers and Cameras...BUT THERE WAS NO CORRESPONDING WINDOW PRESENT. Would that path bring in the WIA software which Windows in while I tried the process. So I began to try.Instructions began like to install, but I was not sure if that fit my purposes or not. There was only an figured I could follow the instructions in that Dummies book to use the same scanner in Windows XP on a different computer. Since I have an older scanner which worked well on another Windows XP computer on which the scanner was installed, I an item called Scanners And Cameras, so I opened this to see if there were selections which I could follow according to the Dummies book. Click Start this:To use the Scanner and Cameria Wizard,1. Click Printers and Other Hardware, click Scanners --> Control Panel2.
According to Windows XP For Dummies from year 2002, any scanner can be used with Windows already installed a combination all-in-one scanner + printer on the XP machine.

THERE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SCANNERS AND CAMERAS WINDOW, BUT NONE THERE.I could then not follow any further instructions.I also found in Control Panel, XP is expected to alre... Read more

Please click on Control Panel > Scanners and Cameras > on the Left side (as shown) there are Sub Headings for you to click on - Do you know if the scanner came with an install CD - That may have drivers listed on the CD - If not then visit the site of the scanner maker -If you can list the make and model for us, we may be able to link the driver site for you -Thank You -