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My ?nh c?a ti khng th? ho?t ??ng, l?i trn x?y ra khi ti ch?p ?nhWindows 10 at my Nokia 1020! I have same problem build 10586.

i have lumia 535, problem is cant start camera on this device after some days,
error code is :- 0xA00f4246(0xE8010001)
Hardik bambhaniya

please tell me windows 10 mobile on lumia 640 xl battery life can improve than windows phone 8.1

On the current Redstone running 8.1. 14393.5 will give you two days charge as well.
I was getting two days between charges on my 640 XL build, it's virtually a tie.

Do I need to use a Microsoft account as an interim step?

You can easily check by going to your email in a browser and then going to the people section - if your contacts were saved in that email, then you can set up your new phone on how to join Windows Central. Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Do I need to use a Microsoft account as an interim step? In the old windows phone, did you with the same email and your contacts will sync to your new phone
If you need additional help or have more questions or details to share, please join the site so you can reply in this thread. See this link for instructions save your contacts with your email account?

The phone gives me a word to unlock screen, my lock screen uses numbers. The screen has a yellow boarder around it.


My phone does not rings when a call comes in, how to make my windows Nokia luminia phone ring

Make sure you have choosen a Ringtone volume isn' turned off
2. 1.Make sure your Ringer+Notification in settings, maybe you have accidentally choosen 'none'.
3. Check if Driving mode is on, and is it blocking your calls.