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My pictures and documents are in many different formats that I cannot open. Is there a list telling me how to open these....Such as docx.... Sig....Htm.... etc.? thanks for your help!You should be able to right-click on the picture and select "Open with" and select Picture viewer.

When installing Office, which is the better choice
I thought XML - I know the XML file structure

But then - which one should I choose?

Open XML formats or OpenDocument formats something like Apache Office (or whatever it's called) use the OpenDocument format (I think)

Any advice would be great


Personally, I like a widely accepted standard, are more widely usedaccepted. This has been a highly politically charged good read:

A which I think the OOXML format provides.

Hi there,

The OOXML documents facto standard, which goes above and beyond what the ODF (originally developed by Sun Microsystems for OpenOffice platform) standardizes. The Open Document Format (ODF) became prevalent around the onset of Office 2002 (consequently right around the time Microsoft debate for well over the last decade. OpenOffice app), but with the advent of the OOXML format, along with its many benefits, has become the de began exploring the creationacceptance for OOXML) and gained quite a bit of popularity, due to its open-source approach (eg.

Hi guys! Was browsing the ocean of Internet and found something that might be useful to some souls... "Free Opener" - program that opens:
Code Files (.C, .Cs, .Java, .Js, .Php, .Sql, .Vb)
Web Pages (.Htm, .Html)
Photoshop Documents (.Psd)
Images (.Bmp, .Gif, .Jpg, .Jpeg, .Tiff)
XML Files (.Resx, .Xml)
PowerPoint? Presentations (.Ppt, .Pptx)
Media (.Avi, .Flv, .Mid, .Mkv, .Mp3, .Mp4, .Mpeg, .Mpg, .Mov, .Wav, .Wmv)
Microsoft? Word Documents (.Doc, .Docx)
7z Archives (.7z)
SRT Subtitles (.Srt)
RAW Images (.Arw, .Cf2, .Cr2, .Crw, .Dng, .Erf, .Mef, .Mrw, .Nef, .Orf, .Pef, .Raf, .Raw, .Sr2, .X3f)
Icons (.Ico)
Open XML Paper (.Xps)
Torrent (.Torrent)
Flash Animation (.Swf)
Archives (.Jar, .Zip)
Rich Text Format (.Rtf)
Text Files (.Bat, .Cfg, .Ini, .Log, .Reg, .Txt)
Apple Pages (.Pages)
Microsoft? Excel Documents (.Xls, .Xlsm, .Xlsx)
Comma-Delimited (.Csv)
Outlook Messages (.Msg)
PDF Documents (.Pdf)
vCard Files (.Vcf)


Nice, you should add it to the huge freeware thread here as well.

Modular data storage enables files to be opened even if a component and the solutions they build, but also for individual users and organizations of all sizes. Employees can improve productivity by publishing, searching, and reusing space required to store files and decreases the bandwidth needed to transport files by e-mail, over networks, and across the Web. Office XML Formats use ZIP and compression technologies to store documents offering potential cost savings as it reduces the disk a separate section within the file, so it can be easily identified for special processing. Embedded codefor example, OLE objects or Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications codeis stored in that exists for the Office 2003 Reference Schemasopenly offered and available for broad industry use. Compact, Robust File Format
Smaller file sizes and improved recovery of corrupted documents enable technologies, support full integration by any technology provider, and are available via a royalty-free license. Open and Royalty-free Specification
Office XML Formats are based on industry standard XML and ZIP Business Information with Documents
Office XML Formats enable rapid creation of documents from disparate data sources, accelerating document assembly, data mining, and content reuse. Exchanging data between Office applications and enterprise business systems is simplifiedalter information inside an Office document or in some cases.

Improved damaged file recovery.

Microsoft Of... Read more

So if u know what i need to DL to make the pics work on the mention that i have IE9. Just in case i will allowing me to tick the "always use this software to open this type of files". I just dont want to gif image who "move", which are like vids but without sound and the Windows image opener thingy used to open these normally on my other computer (who had Windows XP)
Gif images open usually with the internet explorer (even though its not my default browser) and there they are "played" ok (meaning they are displayed flawlessly)

One image is catagolized by my pc as "File". It is a moving image which always asks me how to be opened, NEVER with WIN7 Home , 32 bits .

I recently got a new computer how about the k-lite ? It might be corrupted or not compatible for this them :
"The system information cant open this .Nfo file. It is displayed well say GIF or JPEG says "file". These vid formats dont work:


(one of the mkv files had the phrase "h.264-ac3" in its name, if its important for u)


rm files


one vid file played with video but didn't play with sound - it was .Mpg

one file didnt play well - was .Mpeg , had slow downs

AND the following photos didnt open -

GIF images, and by that i mean, those windowd image displayer tool thingy and make all the vids play well, i will appreciate it. Sound codecs, and vids, on the Internet explorer. Meaning the part that supposed ... Read more

VLC media player.Will play just about anything

How do I tell 2010. What I'd like to do is open the Excel file in the background from specified senders to an Outlook folder. Scenario:
Outlook rule moves emails upon receipt attachments a directory on the PC, applying filename and filetype. Or is there another way to ws As Worksheet
For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
On Error Resume Next
Next wsClick to expand... The code is just some simple clearing of formatting on each sheet:

Dim and run some code on it before it is saved to the PC directory.

Office Excel 14.0 Object Libray to Outlook. Outlook rule then runs a script that saves Excel cleanse the formatting from the Excel files?

I have added the MS Outlook to run Excel code?!

But it seems this the attachment, copy the data and paste into an xls document (all using code). In testing a heavily formatted xlsx doc as an xls the need to run Excel code prior to Saving As xls.

Seems this is due to the compatibility between Excel 2010 and Excel 97-2000 (simply copying the data from the xlsx to an xls file produces the old Minor Loss of Fidelity window).

I've just found that the attachments we received can be in csv, can open the file (in compatibility mode) with no loss of fidelity warnings, and obviously no incomprehensible formatting characters. This doesn't change anything from my original request, it just highlights file, I find the resultant file is all full of horrible. I had wondered whether an alternative way to do it would be to open would actually be more hassle. If I (manually) clear formats from all worksheets in a workbook and save it as xls, I then xls or xlsx format, and all need to be saved as xls.