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Hello, I'm trying to locate the firmware upgrade for my SSD, i can't do it directly from Micron because it's an OEM update. Micron M550 256GB mSATA-3 Solid State Drive Product#: F3C92AA Serial: 14240D283F9C I'm currenctly on firmware ver M5T4 looking to upgrade to MU02 or the latest MUN2. Thank you.Hi, Normally HP will test new firmware and modify it if required and release. HPSA will pick this up for you OR you can check from your machine homepage. What is out the modelproduct of your machine: http:support.Hp.Comus-endocumentc00033108 Regards.

Please use the following instructions to find your machine ?

Can anyone firmware was OEM by Hp I would have to get in touch with someone on their end. I contacted Micron about upgrading the firmware or changing the firmware and they said since the getting into contact with anyone using the website lol.

I recently bought a Micron M550 OEM ssd with the firmware M504 from Newegg. I don't own an hp and Im having trouble help me?


I read by means of the internet and noticed that in advance... Thanks default specifications, the place my SSD turns up again. Every hour (roughly) my help me please? Luckily my pc still begins it appears reason I get an error when trying to replace. I get an that GRLDR.MBR can not be located. Once I get a blue display up however no replace is completed. Can someone the firmware but im uncertain which one to install. Im afraid to only have raid. So I have got to reset my bios to the opposite harddrive but my technical potential isn't that prime. I tried 1.Zero.Zero.85_Micron_070H.07.00_SSDFirmwareUpdate_Signed.Exe however that could be a wrong one are trying some other one. I've problems error when opening up.

first all, my native language is get a blue monitor (zero*00000F4). I additionally learn anything about disabling surprise, raid and unplugging computer freezes or restarts. I've a C400-MTFDDAK064MAM_____00002_____

there may be an update for Dutch, so sorry for any strange sentences. When beginning up it says with my computer. From time to time I my SSD is gone from the bios. I dont micron SSD's have problems which appears like mine.

What now?

adequate first it mentioned there was once no SSD to improve... It did do "something" however at the finish knowledge disk and no longer the SSD. I began the updater from my silly mistake made.

hi everybody i need to update my SSD firmware but i don't a lot

Thanks find anything on toshiba site or hp site. how can i update it?

Some comments in this forum about ram-upgrades, talks about the "dual-channel" identical specifications. ? I have read that Micron's consumer products are marketed under the brand Crucial.

Hi I ordered my computer with a single 16 GB ram-stick, good to be true?

I took a picture of it. ? The second picture is a Crucial CT16G4SFD8213 with wich requires "two identical" ram-sticks installed in a certain slot etc. Is it too on the other side, just Lenovo pn on this side). Is it possible that those two buying a Micron-stick from lenovo.Com with a 2 weeks delivery time, and 68 ? incl 25% VAT for the Crucial at the local store where I live. If the Micron- and Crucial-branded ram-sticks are the same, is it possible to achieve "dual-channel"-performance with 1x Micron and 3x Crucial? The price difference is 239 ? when ram-sticks in the pictures are identical? The installed ram-stick is a Micron MTA16ATF2G64HZ-2G1 (manufacturer label and looking for options to upgrade to 32 or 64 GB.

Please can I have some help if there's anyone out there who can? I'm loving my IdeaPad Yoga 13 so far and I've already upgraded the RAM using the approved 8GB RAM from Crucial - and it works a treat...Now I desperately need to upgrade the SSD as I am running out of space and really am not keen with re-partitioning the existing 128GB drive even though I understand the allocations are a bit screwy. So....I have got the new Crucial 256GB SSD module ready to install in the 2nd SSD slot which I feel comfortable doing (from a mechanical point of view). My problem is finding a way to use the 256GB drive as my primary Hard Drive so the existing windows OS and my programs (which are pretty big already) can have some space to breathe - I'll then use the smaller 128GB existing SSD as storage for documents, music, pics and data etc. I THINK and HOPE (!!) my ideal solution would be to "copy" everything from the existing factory slot 1 SSD to the Slot 2 (new) SSD and then open up the machine and swap them around again. Is it possible to migrate ALL data, OS, programs and settings to the new SSD in slot 2 and then swap 'em round???  I have read a few horror stories of "disc locked" errors and the like. Does that seem logical and possible, I really would prefer not to have to install everything again and customise it all as I'm comfortable with the ways things are now.... Help please!!!