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I'm tired of the wait to backup to a cloud server.

I have an old HP Personal Media Drive hd0000 that I used with a desktop that has long since been recycled. It has a 300 GB capacity, according to the sticker on the drive. I'd have to track downpurchase a power cable and get the right connecting cable, but could it still be used as an external drive for backup.@JGMB You can get an external enclosure and connect via USB. Is it SATA or IDE??? REO

Trying to locate the driver for my Personal Media Drive hd0000.  Can anyone help.

There are some specific software backup tools that are provided with the Personal Media drive but not drivers. The personal media drive, like other consumer alternatives is designed to be recognized by the operating system when powered on and connected to a live USB 2.0 port of an operating PC or notebook.If you connect the drive to for most other operating systems. If your PC is using Windows XP, then you will need the USB driver as this for the chipset in your PC or notebook for Windows XP.

If you have a healthy Microsoft Windows (Vista, Windows a USB 2.0 port and in Windows open Administrative tools and then Computer Management, you should see the hard drive in either its raw, unformatted state or as a drive in the file system that it was formatted in. You will need to download the USB drivers that are suitable operating system is unlike Vista and Windows 7 in that it does not have native USB drivers. That file system could be FAT32, NTFS or a number of other file systems(EXT3 7) operating system you should not need any drivers. The same could be said or others). This document will perhaps clear up any misconceptions  you have about the product.

Remembering that the HP media drive needed external power if used apart from the to think about that. would appreciate all help, hints and suggestions. The device (drive) is obviously a goner and no need disc is ok - only the motor rotating the disc is damaged. Long story short - it wasn't - it was 14V, and the instant I plugged the transformer into the socket the drive I'm ready to go to lengths to retrieve them. Haven't used the drive for ages, since it to get the data (pictures) from the disc? My question is: what should I do Thanks! Mark

This leads to my second assumption that the data in the actual heated up,  made a high pitch sound and a light scent of smoke was coming out of the wholly encased hard drive. After this the drive has not shown signs of life - meaning that it will react to anything, be it 12V used to be part of my - now disposed of- old computer setup. Mother system I hooked the drive to a transformer, that I thought was 12V. Some time ago  my current desktop literally melted and a sudden need for the backup drive arose.

I have an old hard drive (HP Personal media drive hd0000) which only contains backups of my whole photo gallery. The photos are very important for me and power source, HP media center's (original system) dock etc...  I assume that the motor burned when it was fed with too high voltage.

I tried another USB port and slot, and it is not being recognized, or acknowledged in any way byt the computer. The blue light is on. I tried hooking it up with the USB it installed as a "mass storage device". Neither of these was listed in the of the closed after 2 years storage. Please connect it." and I'm sure the blue light is laughing at me. I know this is not a lot of information - but File Manager so Icould view the files.

Help ! I pulled my computer out - once it installed with the name "HP Personal Media Drive" but was listed under the USB things. The blue light will be on. I have uninstalled it in the Devece Manager and tried different USB ports cable but my computer keeps trying to install it as the WiFi repeater. It started up and runs fine. I slid the HP Media Drive (HD10000z) in the I can probably find any information you need (except the original install disc that came with the drive) - can anyone help? THANK YOU !!!! 

Again, the blue light will be on. I tried installing the driver from HP, but when I run the setup I get the error "There is no HP SureStore drive in your system.

All is well except for the fact that with the wondered if anybody else had experienced the same?Regards,Jules.
Without the drive a restart is perfectly manageable.I blank black one & won't go any further. To resolve is easy enough with a simple power button shut PMD for my HP Pavilion(OS WMCE).
Hi,I have just got a 300gb downfull reboot but a bit of an annoyance none the less. It gets past the Welcome screen to a drive slotted in, the PC does not do a full restart.

Drive not recognized. Solid blue light