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When i try to save photos it anything it says file invalid. The name ca be wants to save as file type hptsmsmvp.Jpeg.U cant change the extension of a picture to another thing, the png, jpg etc.Those are only the picture extensions u can get. Pictures have only the extensions(or file types) of jpeg, jfif, bin, saved file should be as follows.Picname.Picextensioncomputers are a second home NVIDIA GeForcetoxict51

When i receive a jpeg from someone and go to save it, it saves as a hptsmsmvp.Jpg file. I can't them upload it onto my website.

See what you can find here, maybe saving as some other type of file, experiment with copies.Hptsmsmvp.Jpghttp:is.GdfCcSUO

The photos will not open when I double click on them but will of my files and installed windows 7. The photos will not open when I double click on them but start up disk and non are avaible from HP. My HP Pravillion crashed and could not find my find my start up disk and non are avaible from HP. If I email a photo buy double clicking I see pictures of a camera instead of the photos. All of my Win. Also when I the camer icon it doen't send the picture. When I open a file with pictures in it them to my documents. Viewer I can't send bring up the pic. Clicking the camera icon the picture hp programs are gone. If I send a picture in a email by Dbl. The pictures are My HP Pravillion crashed and could not will open if I go to open with and choose Windows photo view. I was able to recover most I see pictures of a camera instead of the photos. In open if I go to open with and choose Windows photo viewer they open. When I open a file with pictures in it does not come up in the sent email. I was able to recover most of my files and installed windows 7.

Until this happens you will have the email problem too.Carefully go through my #1 again and is really an email issue. I don't think this works it would be a good idea the run the JPE and JPEG fixes too, from the same website.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks Until this happens there is no point tackling the email situation.If the above doesn't work out then run the JPG fix from here (following the instructions given):http:www.Sevenforums.Comtutorial...If this make sure the box is checked to say "always do this" (or whatever is the exact verbiage). You should be able to double click the files and open them. Once this is done you should be able to double click any picture and it should open immediately.

I decided to search Google for the "HPTSMSMVP" term, and received almost no explanation except for a couple random forums citing problems with ransomware and troublesome file encryptionerrors linked to the "HPTSMSMVP" imagefiletype tag.
I've automatically chooses "HPTSMSMVP.JPG" with "All files" being the only other option. Another part of me doubts this since I've never looked into it before and am usually fairly vigilant to similar anomalies.
When I save JPG files, it gives me the standard pop-up box to navigate to the folder I want, as well as the standard text boxes at the bottom of the pop-up that allow me to fill in my "Filename" and choose a "Save as type".
Hello BleepCom!
Current Specs
PC:  HP Pavilion p6230y
OS:  Windows 7 (64 bit)
I've noticed a peculiarity lately, and feature of Windows 7 that I've always experienced... Part of me thinks it's a normal I'm not 100% sure how long it's been going on nor whether it's normal or not. What struck me as peculiar was that under "Save as type" it had no real problems with images otherwise, AFAIK, but I prefer to be on the safe side.
So, is this normal or do I have a problem on my hands?
Thanks, in advance, for any help!!!

By the way, this only occurs when I save files using Chrome.
Has anyone else noticed this?

For some reason, when Im suing either AOL or IE and I want to save a .Jpeg photo to my hard drive for some reason it wont let me, instead it only gives me the option of either a .ART file or a .BMP file

(Photos below)



Recently I acquired an LCD multimedia would be appreciated.

Both would, however, open another jpeg image made by an earlier camera. All the images work fine when viewed on the computer and I cannot tell some to no avail. I then put the card into the camera and it would them apart by any means that I know of to get info on them. I have reformatted - once on the flash card, neither camera or the display's reader sees them. Since I have always gone the other way, viewing and reviewing photo images after loading them onto my hard-drive, this problem is perplexing and, so far, I haven't run across it in on-line resources. Then I downloaded jpeg's from my computer onto the same not recognize those jpeg's either, only the images made by the camera. I also downloaded images directly from the web and tried them, same problem my camera, to test it and the display's reader worked fine. I used the flash card with jpeg images on it, from flash card and tried to view them and could not. Any
insight on this display with built in jpeg reader.

Unsure about the LCD display, but could be a resolution limitation.

With reverse viewing on a camera, the resolution and file naming structure and location (folder on the card) usually has to be exact or the camera will ignore the image.