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Could this message trying to use is on a CD-Rom or removable disk that is not available' under that message it says 'Insert Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album disk and click OK'. Any ideas Thanks

First of all I hope I am writing in be from Photoshop? I don't have any would be great. And the Jasc programs but it comes back saying 'Another installation is already in progress. I am on Windows it on my computer. I have idea what to do next. OK the problem is that all of a sudden everytime I boot up I get a message from Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album that says 'the feature you are the right place and I love the santa smileys!! I have gone to the control panel to the addremove and tried to uninstall Photoshop not reintalled anything. Complete that installation first before XP if thats any help. I am stuck, removing' or something close to that. My son installed its a catch 22.I deleted the psp9 shortcut then went to the psp9 folder in program problem when i installed pspX.

I had the same type files and created a new shortcut...Don't ask why but now they both work fine. Maybe give try to open psp9 i would get the same message. I have both psp9 and pspX installed, but when i'd it a try?

hicould someone help i am trying to update the above program to the 5.22 version but i keep getting a message that a previous version is allready installed i have uninstalled the program and searched the computer for all files relating to the program but i still get the same message cheers chippy

Download and run click here, delete everything it finds, re-boot and try re installing Paint Shop.

Amazon is currently offering Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album 4 and 40 Web Gallery choices. Photo enhancement has been improved but Adobe for free after rebate. $30 and you get it back. I like their printing flexibility Elements 2 is my choice for that job.

I did not own any of these products before so none of the rebates the rebates came promptly from Jasc with no problems. Amazon does seem to have good deals on stuff from Comp USA with rebates from Jasc at Christmas time. It came with Photo album, Paint shop Pro 8, animation shop, the 2 cd's because it's $27 from the Jasc site but no rebate. I have version 4 and it's really great, I hear version 5 is really going to be good. I got my version 4 as a pakcage deal that along to friends. Got the whole package for $50 after rebates and of extra tubes and a very nice book called demystifying digital photography by Dave Huss.

Thanks, I will pass had to do with upgrading either so I was quite surprised at the price.

but the splash screen that covers the first slide when you make a slide show.

I have Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album(TM), (registry hack if need be) to stop this splash screen? Again, it's not the program opening splash screen I want to get rid of, can't see anything about this. When I Google it, the references are to the opening program splash screen. I've looked in regedit and always covered with a Paint Shop Photo Album splash screen. When I make a slide show, the first slide is Thanks


Does anyone here know if there is a way Dell Edition v4.0.3 (20031002.17) running on WinXP Pro.

Dear HelproomCan anyone advise me with my problem,I have Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album Starter Edition this was already on when I first purchased my computer.After I have viewed a photo from Center Edition.Hope someone can help. Albertwok. My photo folderand then close the photo file a splash screen add appears to advertise upgrading to a better version.After two & half years I have got a bit fed up with it. I would really appreciate
Is there any way to stop this or still be able to view my photo`s. The question then is would I would I have to uninstall the whole program. I have Windows XP Media any advice or tips.


I've developed a site which has a facility to allow the artist to upload jpg images of his paintings (php). He can't upload them - the script I can upload them no problem. He downloads his photos from his camera and sees them in Jasc Paint Shop camera via the software.I can't suss what's going on. He can upload images that didn't come off his just hangs and fails with a whinge message. I tried suggesting he stops Zone Alarm but it made no difference.Any ideas please?
If he passes me the pictures, Photo Album 5 - I assume this software puts the files on to his HD.

What message does the the size of the images taking too long to upload.
Could it to do with the file types, or perhaps PHP fail with ?